DTF Printing-The Best Custom Tshirt Printing Solution

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DTF Printing-The Best Custom Tshirt Printing Solution dtf transfer printer The discussion of direct-to-film (DTF, white ink digital heat transfer) printing versus DTG (direct-to-garment, direct-to-garment) printing begs the question: “What are the advantages of DTF technology?” Although DTG printing can produce colorful and A high quality full size print with a very soft [...]

What is digital direct to garment printing?

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What is digital direct to garment printing? What is the graphic requirements for dtg printing? Direct-To-Garment Printing The name of digital direct printing is DTG (Direct-To-Garment-Printer), In short, it means printing patterns on garments and materials like using an inkjet printer. The pigment ink used by the digital direct inkjet printer comes in five colors: C [...]

How To Print Pictures On Wood ?

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How To Print Pictures On Wood? Wood Photo Prints | Print Colorful Photos On Wood How to achieve personalized color printing on wooden boards ? In life, we often see some wooden blocks, wooden doors, wooden wardrobes, wooden screens, personalized wooden gifts, wooden packaging boxes, etc. printed with high-definition personalized patterns. They look very high-end and [...]

Direct To Wood Printer | Photos Printing Wooden Blocks

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Direct To Wood Printer  UV Printer For Photos Printing Wooden Blocks Wood Panel Painting & Wood Print There are many types of painting materials on the market today, but works made of wood are the most intriguing. They mix the texture and fragrance of wood, as well as the impression of that era. A simple [...]

How To Start A Personalized DIY Phone Case Business | Tutorial

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How to customize a personalized DIY Mobile phone case (DIY mobile phone case customization tutorial)  Start A Phone Case Business With the development of the times, people's requirements for mobile phone cases are getting higher and higher. Ordinary mobile phone cases can no longer meet people's needs for appearance and personalization. Therefore, DIY mobile phone [...]

How to print uv dtf transfers ?

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How to print uv dtf transfers ? We have seen a lot of UV DTF Printers, so how is UV DTF FILM made? There may be many friends who don’t know. UV DTF FILM is a decorative label that is attached to the surface of an object. It has bright patterns, rich colors, good adhesion, strong three-dimensional [...]

The Basic Knowledge Of The Wall Printer

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The basic knowledge of the wall printer Function Of  Wall Printer Wall printer is a machine and equipment to print beautiful patterns on the wall, it is the use of text mobile airbrush to spray patterns on the wall. Wall painting machine applicable wall: internal and external wall putty wall, latex paint wall, large white, [...]

【 Maintenance】How to use the moisturizer preserve the wall printer head after printing ?

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How To Use The Moisturizer Preserve Your Wall Printer Head ? Brief introduction of nozzle moisturizing steps: Tissue, Moisturizing liquid, food wrap film and black bag required. Clean the waste ink on the printer head face. Put liquid on film to cover bottom printhead. Cover the up printhead. PS: Must do it right or ink [...]

10 Important Questions Help You Know What Is dtf Printing ? | Antprint

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10 Important Questions Help You Know What Is dtf Printing ? Question No.1 What is dtf printing machine ? How does dtf printing work ? Direct to film (DTF) printing is a relatively new printing technology that allows for high-quality printing onto a variety of materials, including textiles, nylon, cotton and more. A DTF printing [...]

Compared Old L805, Why Buy New DX10 A4 UV Printer?

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Compared To Desktop L805 A4 Flatbed UV Printer, Why Should Buy New Small DX10 Portable UV Printer? Foreword: DX10 head UV printer model AP-A4pro is a UV printer with independent boards. It uses the main board and nozzle board developed by the domestic people. The nozzles are also the new EPSON DX10 nozzles. It is [...]

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