Mug cup UV printer, UV flatbed cylinder printer

How do i print on the cylinder and mug cup by the UV flatbed Printer?

— If you just need to print one small logo on the mug cup or cylinder (for example the wine bottle, plastic bottle etc), you do not need the mug adapter or cylinder adapter. If you want to print around, you need the help of the mug cup adapter or the cylinder adapter.

Cup Printing Video>>>

mug and cylinder printer

mug and cylinder printer that can print on mug cup and cylinder around based on the mug cup adapter and cylinder adapter.

Cylinder / mug cup adapter

cynlinder adapter

cynlinder adapter for printing on the cylinder products by the UV printer.

Cylinder / Mug Cup Printer Recommendation:

AP-A3UV-6C      AP-A3UV-8C     AP-A2UV-6060

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