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2023 China Best A4 Small Size Portable

Direct To UV flatbed Printer Price For Sale

Brand & Model: AntPrint | AP-A4pro

Max Printing Format: 21*30cm

Printer Head Model: Epson Dx10

Motherboard Version: Self-Developed Mother Board

2023 New Dx10 Printhead Upgrade Desktop A4 UV Flatbed Printer

AP-A4pro is our company’s newly upgraded A4 format UV flatbed printer in 2023. The upgrade of this printer is revolutionary. Currently in China, we are the first company to adopt the latest Epson DX10 nozzle and independent board for small format A4UV For printers, this news is exciting for those who need small-format UV printers!

Not Old A4 Epson L805 Portable UV Printer Anymore

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We all know that the old UV printers with modified Epson L805 nozzles have a lot of small problems, which cannot be solved by other manufacturers except Epson. However, in the past, because flatbed printer manufacturers considered that the customer base of small-format printers has weak purchasing power, Epson DX10 and independent boards have always only served A3 format or larger format printers! However, today the A4 machine also adopts such an advanced configuration, for the majority of customers, this is definitely an exciting gospel!

So, when you are lucky enough to know our product, I have to say, you are lucky! If you share your benefits with your business partners, I believe they will be very happy!

ap-a4pro uv printer
a4 uv printer board upgrade

What Make New Dx10 Small AP-A4pro UV Printer Stand Out?

  1. * With New DX10 printer head, not old version L805 or R230 printer head anymore  >>Recommend Read: Compared To Old L805, Why Should You Buy New DX10 A4 UV Printer?
  2. * New self-developed mother board, not Epson board anymore. So there is no any limits from Epson company anymore;
  3. * There is no any ink error or Paper jam problems anymore;
  4. Faster printing speed based on the higher printing resolution;
  5. No need add guide line anymore before printing;
  6. There are flash spray and nozzle moisturizing protection plate,which can prevent the nozzle from been blocked.

Intelligent Wave Printing Technology

Intelligent wave printing technology has greatly improved the phenomenon of Banding and Pass in the traditional printing method; in order to output high-quality products.

Variable Ink Drop Technology

Using the latest piezoelectric printing nozzle, different ink drop combinations can be automatically selected according to different printing materials. While increasing the printing speed, it can meet the color density requirements of the screen and ensure the accuracy of the output image Accurate, clear layers, excessively uniform gradient colors, etc.

 7*24 Hours Continuous Production Capacity Weekly

Capable of high-intensity all-weather 7*24 hours continuous production capacity, no need to worry about ink drop key error reporting, paper jam key error reporting and other issues.

l805 uv printer and dx10 uv printer

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A4 uv printer for color

A4 uv printer for great color printing

Professional Print Factory RIP Software

PrintFactory’s RIP works faster and smarter, centralising printers and cutters to avoid ‘technology islands’ or conflicts in your workflow. Install unlimited copies of PrintFactory’s RIP. You only pay for the devices you use.

☑️ Cloud-based, faster processing and colour changes on the fly

☑️ Last-minute control over files without slowing down production.

☑️ Handles hot-folders, templates, and Industry 4.0-level automation.

☑️ Unlimited number of RIPs

☑️ Unlimited RIPs and simultaneous jobs per printer

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Digital A4 UV Printer Work As UV DTF Printer | Print On The Film & Stick On The Products

Digital UV printers can not only print 99% of materials and products directly, but also work as UV DTF printers  to transfer stick on produts. > We can use the same one UV printer ( the same ink as well) to print on the UV DTF film A firstly,  > and then cover the film B on the A film through a high-temperature laminating machine, > and then they can be directly cold-pasted on any item (of course pure silicone products are No way).

This solution is great for some irregular products and very large size products!

A4 UV Printer How To Print White Ink | Print With Colorful Ink & Whie Ink By One Pass

As AP-A4pro UV flatbed printer uses EPSON DX10 print head, there are six ink channels, so we can add CMYK+WW ink to the machine, so we can use it to print dark objects, and it is printing color CMYK + white WW at the same time ( By one pass).

It is not like the old EPSON A4 format L805 UV printer. When they print dark objects, they always have to print the white ink twice or even three times, and then they can print the color ink. Therefore, the effect and efficiency of his printing on dark objects have been greatly improved!

A4 Mini UV Printer For Seveal Ball Pens Printing | Print With Adapter

Having a jig is a great option if you need to batch print many products at once. Antprint has our own designer team, we can design adapter according to your products. When you have your own jig, you can directly put the product on the jig, and then directly edit the pictures in batches according to the jig cutter line diagram we provide you, so that you can print multiple products in batches at a time, and there is no need to Find the print location every time! So it can help you save so much time and make it be more easy to print!

For example, common adapter include ballpoint pen adapter, cylinder adapter, golf ball tray,  phone case adapter, PVC card fixtures, etc.

Welcome To Sent Your Design / Artwork To US For Testing! We Will Help You Test For Free !

Achieve Mirror Printing | Print On The Transparent Glass Or Acrylic With Mirror Effect

For transparent products such as glass and acrylic, we can use mirror printing to increase the viewing effect and pattern protection effect of printing.

When printing conventional dark products, the printer first outputs a layer of white ink on the dark product, and then prints color ink on that layer of white ink, but when we print transparent products (such as crystal), we You can print in reverse order, first print the color ink and then print the white ink. After printing in this way, when we look at the printed pattern from the direction of the color ink, the printed pattern is very fine and the color is very gorgeous, and it looks like It adds a layer of glitter, the key is that it can better protect the printed pattern!

Mirror image printing is very simple, we can choose reverse printing directly in the printing software, it is very simple and fast! If you need to print glass, transparent acrylic, crystal, I believe you will love this feature!

Different angles for a4pro uv printer

Different angles for a4pro uv printer

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a4 uv printer ink bottle

a4 uv printer ink bottle, uv lamp

Other Features | AP-A4pro UV Printer

  1. Continue Ink Supply System: ink bottle is 100ml size, you can add the ink into the ink bottle directly before it run out.
  2. The use of high-quality Shangyin silent guide rails helps the machine head move smoothly, and the working sound is very small, suitable for office work.
  3. Driven by a servo motor, the printing signal will not be lost, and the picture data can be transmitted stably
  4. Small a4 uv printer size 600 x500 x400 mm also small wooden box size 670mm * 550mm* 490mm, which can help you sent this machine by fast DHL/Fedex/UPS express solution.

Best Dx10 AP-A4pro UV Printer Parameter

Products name  2023 Revolutionary New A4 UV printer with dx10 printer head and self-developed boards
Printer model  AP-A4pro
Printing Technology One Printer Head Advanced Micro Piezo 6 Color Pigment Inkjet Technology. 180*6 nozzles, Ink drop variable technology, the largest ink drop is 12pl, the smallest can reach 2.5pl
Print head quantity Epson XP600*1pcs or 2 pcs
Ink colors (6 colors + 6 color) Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white, white
Printing speed 8 pass, 70s/A4 full size
Max Printing Size A4 (210mm×300mm)
Max thickness 120 MM
Printing resolution options 2880dpi*1440dpi*720dpi*360dpi
Printing resolution & Speed relation 720×720dpi/4Pass 2.5㎡/H   Sketch mode
1440*720dpi/8Pass 1.8㎡/H  Production mode
1440*1440dpi/16Pass 1㎡/H  Very precise and delicate mode
2880*1440dpi/32Pass 0.5㎡/小时
Available files format TIFF(RGB&CMYK)、BMP、PDF、EPS、JPEG、AI、PSD等
Ink system Continue ink supply system with damper cartridge

Uninterrupted intelligent circulation continuous supply system

Ink bottle 6 set Ink Tanks with 100ml per bottle
Printer platform printing weight Lossless precision weight 30KG
Height adjustment Self-Automation
Ink consumption 10 ML/SQM
Voltage/ Power VAC220/110 ± 10 ,50HZ~60HZ,Power ≤ 35W
UV lamp Temperature 60 degree(UV lamp surface) ; 40 degree (1cm far from lamp surface)
Working environment 10-35 degrees (50°-95°F), humidity 20~80%
Head Cleaning method Automatic / Manual
Printer size / packing size 600 x500 x400 mm / 670mm * 550mm* 490mm
Net /Gross weight 23kg / 40kg
Printing Software Special printing software PF
Power Board Mingwei integrated power board ensures the smooth operation of the equipment circuit
Electric wire The whole machine is treated with PET plastic-covered wires to prevent circuit confusion and static electricity
Silent rail Taiwan Shangyin slide rail, high precision, low noise, wear-resistant, to ensure the smooth movement of the nozzle car
Nozzle 100% original dx10 printer head, not renew
Photoelectric switch Omron photoelectric sensor switch
UV light Imported LED lamp beads, long life, strong curing.
Bearing SKF bearings guarantee machine precision
Ink Type UV ink/ Textile Ink/ Edible ink
Computer system / Printer Language Windows system / English, Chinese
Special Remarks Customized service is available
Standard Enclosure Software 1 set, power line 1 set, Network line 1set, guidebook 1 set
Application Tshirt / phone case / ABS plastic / acylic / metal / glass / ceramic etc.

Choose One Excellent Printer To Expand Your Business

Although A4 uv printer is a small uv printer for small business, but it still very important! Because not only the money is a kind of cost, but also your time and energy! One good machine can help you save too much money and time to hlep you focus on creating value for your products! According to our hundreds feedbacks of our customers, i am sure this China best small AP-A4pro uv printer will be a great business partner for you as well!

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