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A4 Direct To UV DTF Film Sticker Printing Machine

What is a uv dtf printer? 🔥

About UV Printer >>

UV Printer is a kind of inkjet printer that developed from the eco-solvent flatbed printer. It worked with the uv ink and uv system, uv ink can make chemical reaction with the led uv light, so it can dry at once. Features of the uv printer:

  1. Dry at once.
  2. Can print on nearly any materials except the pure rubber materials.
  3. Print with 3d embossment.
  4. Workable on the dark materials.

UV Dtf Printing & UV DTF Printer >>

UV DTF Printer full name is uv direct to film printer, it developed from the based uv printer. As the uv printer can print on the different materials directly ( UV DTF Printing, uv direct to film), so people also use it for printing on the film ( Film A), after the laminator machine help, you can use the printed film sticker transfer on almost any surface directly.

AP-A4pro uv dtf printers

AP-A4pro uv dtf printers


  1. ✅ New Epson DX10 printer head 
  2. ✅ Upgraded self-developed motherboard and printhead control board
  3. ✅ Fast printing speed up to 70s/a4 full size/8pass
  4. ✅ Special PrintFactory printing software
  5. ✅ Support golden and silver color printing
  6. ✅ Achiever 24 hours continue printing per day without any ink error or paper jam problems
  7. ✅ 360 degree around bottle printing

Main Parameter 

  • Max Printing Format: 21cm*30cm (W*L=8.3”*12”)
  • Max Printing Thickness: 12cm ( 4.8”)
  • Printer head model: Epson DX10

A4pro uv dtf transfer printer structure

A4pro uv dtf transfer printer structure

A4pro uv dtf printing machine features

A4pro uv dtf printing machine features

uv dtf printer partner laminator

uv dtf printer partner laminator


uv dtf transfer film sticker

uv dtf transfer film sticker

UV DTF Film A + Film B

uv dtf ink

uv dtf ink


Best Dx10 AP-A4pro UV DTF Printer Parameter

Products name  2023 Revolutionary New A4 UV dtf printer with dx10 printer head and self-developed boards
Printer model  AP-A4pro
Printing Technology One Printer Head Advanced Micro Piezo 6 Color Pigment Inkjet Technology. 180*6 nozzles, Ink drop variable technology, the largest ink drop is 12pl, the smallest can reach 2.5pl
Print head quantity Epson XP600*1pcs or 2 pcs
Ink colors (6 colors + 6 color) Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white, white
Printing speed 8 pass, 70s/A4 full size
Max Printing Size A4 (210mm×300mm)
Max thickness 120 MM
Printing resolution options 2880dpi*1440dpi*720dpi*360dpi
Printing resolution & Speed relation 720×720dpi/4Pass 2.5㎡/H   Sketch mode
1440*720dpi/8Pass 1.8㎡/H  Production mode
1440*1440dpi/16Pass 1㎡/H  Very precise and delicate mode
2880*1440dpi/32Pass 0.5㎡/小时
Available files format TIFF(RGB&CMYK)、BMP、PDF、EPS、JPEG、AI、PSD等
Ink system Continue ink supply system with damper cartridge

Uninterrupted intelligent circulation continuous supply system

Ink bottle 6 set Ink Tanks with 100ml per bottle
Printer platform printing weight Lossless precision weight 30KG
Height adjustment Self-Automation
Ink consumption 10 ML/SQM
Voltage/ Power VAC220/110 ± 10 ,50HZ~60HZ,Power ≤ 35W
UV lamp Temperature 60 degree(UV lamp surface) ; 40 degree (1cm far from lamp surface)
Working environment 10-35 degrees (50°-95°F), humidity 20~80%
Head Cleaning method Automatic / Manual
Printer size / packing size 600 x500 x400 mm / 670mm * 550mm* 490mm
Net /Gross weight 23kg / 40kg
Printing Software Special printing software PF
Power Board Mingwei integrated power board ensures the smooth operation of the equipment circuit
Electric wire The whole machine is treated with PET plastic-covered wires to prevent circuit confusion and static electricity
Silent rail Taiwan Shangyin slide rail, high precision, low noise, wear-resistant, to ensure the smooth movement of the nozzle car
Nozzle 100% original dx10 printer head, not renew
Photoelectric switch Omron photoelectric sensor switch
UV light Imported LED lamp beads, long life, strong curing.
Bearing SKF bearings guarantee machine precision
Ink Type UV ink/ Textile Ink/ Edible ink
Computer system / Printer Language Windows system / English, Chinese
Special Remarks Customized service is available
Standard Enclosure Software 1 set, power line 1 set, Network line 1set, guidebook 1 set
Application Glass / phone case / ABS plastic / acylic / metal / leather / ceramic etc.

UV DTF Transfers Video

How To Print UV DTF Transfers

  1. UV dtf Printing on the sticker film A
  2. Laminate film B on film A by the laminator
  3. Stick on your products surface directly

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UV DTF Application

  • Not regular products
  • Big size products that over your uv direct Max printing size ability

UV DTF printer also can print on your products surface directly, but some times your products has a not regular shape, surface is not suitable for printing directly, then uv dtf printer transfer film sticker can help you solve this problems.

What’s more, uv dtf transfer printer can help you stick on the big products, which big size products is impossible to put in your small format printer for printing directly.

Best A4 size New Epson dx10 printhead uv dtf sticker printer

Compared the old modified a4 size Epson L805 uv dtf printer, Epson DX10 uv dtf printer with self-developed mother board and head control board, so the printing performance has much improvement, not only the printing quality (no printing line anymore), but also the printing efficiency (business no need to like a technician to fix him machine’s ink error or paper jam problems anymore), if you did ever used the old Epson L805 uv dtf printer and new Dx10 uv dtf transfer printer, i am sure you feel it details!

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dtf uv circulation

New AP-A4pro Print With

Golden & Silver Color

Compared the old Epson modified L805 A4 uv dtf printer, new dtf printer can print with golden and silver color.

For the UV DTF Ink, we did the special ICC profile, so the printed color is basically the same as the original picture!

Achieve 24 HOURSWorking Per Day

No need waste your time to fix the ink error or paper jam problems anymore, this new machine can keep printing for 24 hours per day!

PS: there is no any ink error or paper jam LED light anymore, because new machine will not appear such problems anymore!

fast speed and golden color

fast speed and golden color

UV DTF Transfers Machine Details Show

UV DTF transfer printer different angles

UV DTF transfer printer different angles

A4pro uv dtf printer details

A4pro uv dtf printer details

❤️ 100ml / bottle volume

❤️ Silent rail help your machine working in office without noise

❤️ Servo motor drive is more stable

❤️ Auto pump function help you do the ink suction automatically

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