1. What is the the UV dtf printer?

UV DTF printing is the way to transfer uv ink on the special shape and materials which is not be suitable to print by uv ink directly. It also for the products what are not equest for good bonding strength. So it is better to be printed by the uv printer directly for most 80% prodcuts in the world.


2.How this machine works?


1.1 Use the uv printer to inkjet uv ink on the hard film side which with glue already;
1.2 Laminate the printed hard film by small laminator;
1.3 Cut the pattern, remove the covered film, transfer it on the products surface.

3. How about the main application for the uv dtf printer?

This one is only suit to apply on the Products with special shape which couldn’t print by uv printer directly, then it will need you to take
more labor work, film cost high and limited by the glue bonding power.

4.What about the bonding strength of the UV DTF printing?

Not very bad but not as good as the one printed by uv printer directly.

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