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New UV DTF Printing Technology For Cup Wraps

What Is UV DTF Printing Technology 🔥

UV DTF Printing is a decorative process in which glue, white uv dtf ink, uv varnish (you also can choose no varnish quality), etc. are stacked on release UV DTF Film paper and printed into various patterns, then covered with transfer film, and then transferred to the surface of the object using the transfer film. The appearance is three-dimensional and crystal-like, so it is also called the crystal label in China.

The UV DTF Printing sticker can be used in a variety of ways, and it can be used as soon as it is peeled off.

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UV DTF Printer

UV DTF Printer

UV DTF Printing Sticker

It is convenient and fast, which perfectly solves the vacancy of printing irregular shapes, and breaks through the limitation that the pattern can only be printed on a flat panel. UV DTF Printing sticker have very obvious advantages over ordinary labels, with bright patterns, rich colors, strong three-dimensional effect, high gloss, easy to carry and separate during transfer printing, and leave no residual glue. One printing subverts the traditional advertising personalized customization market , has become a hot craft in the advertising customization industry.

Advantages Of UV DTF Sticker Printer 

uv dtf sticker label

uv dtf sticker label

  1. The uv dtf sticker can be used for a variety of purposes, just sticker and peeled off soon, which is convenient and fast. It perfectly solves the problem of printing irregular shapes and breaks through the limitation that the pattern can only be printed on a flatbed;
  2. UV DTF Sticker have very obvious advantages over ordinary labels. They have bright patterns, rich colors, strong three-dimensionality, and high gloss. They are easy to peel off and separate during transfer, leaving no residual glue;
  3. It saves labor. Compared with processes such as screen printing and transfer printing, for the UV dtf printing is just one person can complete the printing, which also reduces labor costs for the enterprise;
  4. Reduced pollution and friendly for the environment. Compared with weak solvents and the unpleasant and pungent smell of screen printing, UV ink greatly reduces pollution as it is a kind of environmentally friendly ink.

UV DTF Sticker Printer Application

✅ Not regular shape products

✅ The products size over the printer’s max printing size

The crystal label can be used in a variety of ways, and it can be used as soon as it is peeled off. It is convenient and fast. It is suitable for packaging materials such as packaging boxes, tea cans, paper cups, notebooks, ceramics, metals, etc. It perfectly solves the vacancy of irregular shapes in spray printing. Due to the limitations of flat-panel printing, crystal labels have also become popular in the advertising customization industry by virtue of many advantages.uv dtf printing sticker

1.  The uv dtf transfer stickerlabel can be used for a variety of purposes, it can transfer your design on the products from Film A and thenpeeled off soon from Film B, which is convenient and fast. It perfectly solves the problem of printing irregular shapes and breaks through the limitation that the artwork can only be printed on a flatbed surface;

2.It is not recommended to stick it on soft materials, such as cloth, leather, silicone, tempered glass, glazed ceramics or rough frosted product surfaces, although it can be stuck on, the firmness and durability will be greatly affected.uv dtf printing sticker

UV DTF is a advanced solution at the intersection of UV printing technology and DTF printing technology. You can print UV ink onto the A\B film surface (instead of using UV ink to print directly onto the substrate), and then transfer the UV printing design to the substrate. It is very suitable for applications in irregular materials, curved materials and ultra-high or large hard and smooth objects, it is easily to solve such old printing difficult problems.

Epson UV DTF Printer

Most UV DTF Printer with max printing size 33cm or 60cm, and mostly the uv dtf printer printhead is the famous Epson brand, such as Epson L805 UV DTF Printer, Epson L1800、 Epson R1390、Epson R1900、 Epson R200,、Epson XP600 uv dtf printer, Epson TX800,Epson I3200 uv dtf printer, Epson 4720 uv dtf printer, Epson 1600 uv dtf printer etc.

How To Print UV DTF Film Transfers?

  1. Edit your design / artwork in your computer;
  2. Click “print”and the printer will print your design on the uv dtf PE film A directly.
  3. Use the laminator covering the film B on the Film A together. If your uv dtf printer is all in one uv dtf printer, the printer can laminator the film A and Film B together automatically.
  4. Remove Film A and transfer sticker on your products.
  5. Peel offthe UV DTF film B and finished.

Please Watch The UV DTF Film Transfers Process Video

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uv dtf transfer film sticker

uv dtf transfer film sticker

uv dtf ink

uv dtf ink

UV DTF Printer For Cup Wraps | UV DTF Cup Wraps Printer

UV DTF printer are named film transfer sticker that can be easy to stick your design on nearly any products. To make the uv dtf film sticker, we first print the first layer of varnish or matte, then print the second layer of white ink, then print the third layer of color ink. All these steps only require one computer and printer. The printed uv dtf sticker label has bright and full patterns, a 3D pattern effect that leaves the pattern when the film is peeled off, and is scratch-resistant and resistant to high and low temperatures. The uv dtf transfer stickers are easy to apply, environmentally friendly, have good texture, are waterproof and wear-resistant, are colorful, and have a wide range of uses.  Next, let’s learn about the steps to make the UV DTF film sticker for your cup wraps.

You will need some materials and equipment to start making your UV DTF cup wraps

  1. UV DTF Printer or UV Flatbed Printer
  2. UV DTF filmA + FilmB
  3. Laminator ( There is no need special laminator If your printer is uv dtf printer laminator 2 in 1)
  4. Alcohol to spray bottle
  5. Scissors
  6. a clean environment

UV DTF Printer For Making the Cup Wraps Whole Process

  1. Design your artwork: First, you need to design a artwork / pattern that needs to be transferred to the product surface according to customer needs. You can use computer drawing software to design, or you can hand-draw the pattern.
  2. UV DTF Printer Prints out your design on the film A: Use uv dtf printer to print your design on the film A directly ( Film A is a sticky film and film B is a transfer film. Just print the pattern on film A.)
  3. Lamination: The design is printed on the A film. After the printing is completed, the film A is laminated with Film B together while printing.  PS: If your printer is not printing & laminator 2 in 1, you need a one laminator to do this step after the film A printing.
  1. Cutting: We cut the printed AB film logo according to the size of the pattern and prepare it for later use (use scissors or a rolling mill to cut, it is simple, convenient and fast, or you can use an automatic edge-finding paper cutting machine).
  1. Transfer sticker: Place the uv dtf filmtransfer sticker on the surface of the product, peel off the back film of the uv dtf filmlabel product (i.e. film A), hold film B and paste it on the surface of the product where the pattern needs to be pasted, press it, and peel off film B. That’s it, the pattern is transferred, and the whole process is to press and peel off the film to leave the words.

How To Start Your Best UV DTF Printer For Small Business?

Any business is an investment. It will not only cost you money, but also your time and energy. Therefore, we must consider many aspects before starting. We can’t tell you whether to start this uv dtf printer small business, but some important information may help you make a decision as below,

  • How much does this small uv dtf printer business cost?
  1. UV DTF Printer, the smallest uv dtf printer price will be around $1780/set.
  2. UV DTF Laminators, the price will be around $165/set.
  3. UV DTF Ink, the price will be $120/set.
  4. UV DTF PET TRANSFER Sticker FILM, the price wil be about $50/set.
  5. UV DTF Parts and Accessories, mostly they will be free with printer.
  • Where can i get my customer and market information ? How to reach your customers?

UV DTF Film sticker that can transfer stick on nearly any products and materials, such as metal, wood, glass, pvc, ceramic, acrylic and so on. Most people use it for water bottle, cosmetics bottles etc, mostly they will be your customer. You can show your customer offline shop or online shop.

  • How do you earn from this small uv dtf printer business?

The biggest feature of UV DTF printers is customization, so you can create additional value by customizing your own patterns for customers, thereby increasing your profit margins.

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UV DTF Printer Price

  • The Best uv dtf printer Brand:

A good product always integrates all quality, function, appearance and service.  If you ask me if there any advice for it? We will recommend the brand ANTPRINT.  If you are interested, you can learn more about the model AP-1F roll in roll uv dtf printer, AP-A3pro UV dtf printer and AP-A4pro uv dtf printer.

  • What is the best uv dtf printerprice ?

Different brand has different models, and the price is different as well.

If you just start your printing business, you can choose the small model AP-A4pro, the price is around $1780/set. If you have many printing job every day, we will recommend you the special roll in roll uv printer with double printer head, the price will be $3000-$5000/set, for the details price will based on the printer head model and quantity.

  • Roll in roll uv dtf printer laminator 2 in 1| uv dtf laminating printer VS uv dtf flatbed printer

 1. Roll in roll uv dtf printer

This printer make the printing and laminator function together, so you no need buy extra laminator anymore. It can help you laminator automatically, and it also can help you reduce some space in your shop.

2.UV DTF flatbed printer

UV DTF flatbed printer is developed from the uv flatbed printer + suction platform. UV flatbed printer that can print on the film (also can print many different materials directly) , and the suction platform can help you fix the uv dtf film for printing. If your most products can be printed directly, that will be a good option! Because direct to print solution always can help you reduce the printing cost (there will be no the film cost).

UV DTF Printer Different Size Options Price For Sale 📨

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UV DTF Printer For Sale

In the different country, there always have different festival and the uv dtf printer suppliers always make promotion for the festival. For example, the China always have Labor Day, Dragon Boat Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival, New Year’s Day, Spring Festival, Qingming Festival, National Day, and there always have good opportunity to catch a good price during the promotion date. If you are interested, you also can follow up our ANTPRINT NEWS 

2023 double eleven festival promotion for the printer

2023 double eleven festival promotion for the printer

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