China Best 6090 UV Flatbed Printer | AP200-6090

AP200-6090 is ANTPRINT best 6090 format LED UV flatbed printer, it is simple and convenient to operate, with fast printing speed and low printing cost. There are 3 / 4 pcs printer head that can help you print with spot uv varnish as well. It overcomes the boundaries of materials and does not require film. It has professional color management software and can complete full-color images in one go. It can be printed and taken away. It does not require too much computer operation. Multi-personnel dependency and handcrafting. Suitable for small batch printing of mobile phone cases, wood, advertising, acrylic, toys, cosmetics, PVC, stone, wood, crystal, glass, metal, textile, leather, ceramic tiles, handicrafts, printing and other industries.

AP-T9super 6090 uv printer

AP200-6090 UV Flatbed Printer:

  1. Suction platform
  2. 60*90cm format, max thickness up to 20cm.
  3. Ink alarm system
  4. All ink circulation system
  5. Ink constant temperature system
  6. Screw drive system
  7. Good at printing golden and silver color

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AP200-6090 UV Printer Features

  1. Automatic scraping system, automatic cleaning of the nozzle, using imported squeegee blades to effectively protect the nozzle holes, not block the nozzle, and effectively extend the service life of the nozzle.
  2. Intelligent anti-collision function to prevent accidental collisions, intelligent and sensitive.
  3. There is no need to manually pump uv ink. The fully automatic ink pumping system has uniform suction and protects the nozzle. It can never stop ink and never change color.
  4. The lifting platform can adjust the printing height of the platform and nozzle at will, so that more thickness materials can be printed, and it is widely used.
  5. The adsorption platform is made of aluminum alloy material with extremely high surface flatness. In addition to the advantages of aluminum honeycomb panels such as light weight, high strength, stiffness, bending resistance and heat resistance, this platform also has high adsorption force. Anti-scratch and wear-resistant.
  6. Through computer control, we can avoid manually stirring the white ink in the ink cartridge, which can prevent the white ink from settling, making the white ink less prone to clogging and ink breakage.
  7. Three layers of color, white and varnish printing can be done at one time. When you need to print on transparent media, use new white ink and varnish water for reproducible color reproduction for pre-processing to get more exquisite prints. The printing effect is better, and the varnish can better protect the coating.
  8. The entire image is painted with Spot transparent varnish, which gives the print a luxurious texture. By expressing the surface gloss, you can create a completely new image.
best 6090 uv printer
6090 uv led printer
T9super uv flatbed printer

AP200-6090 Demo Video

Printer Parameter

Printer model AP200-6090
Nozzle type TX800*2/3/4 pcs printhead Or I3200*2*3 pcs printhead
Printing accuracy 2880*1440*720DPI
Printing area  60*90cm (=24‘’*36‘’)
Printing thickness 20cm (7.88)
Printing speed 5-15 SQ.M per hour
Printable materials  leather, genuine leather, metal, glass, acrylic, crystal, stone, wood board, ceramic tile, etc
Power supply 110V – 240V, we will confirm with you after your payment
Operating system All the Windows system
Printer Packing weight 224kg / 260kg
Printer / Packing size  1454*1360*950mm / 1554*1460*1150mm
6090 uv printer with new color printing technology
6090 uv printer with 3 layer

CMYKW Inkjet Printing Technology

The ANTPRINT 6090UV printer series is equipped with an eight-color automatic recognition system. ICC color matching will automatically generate pigments for real-time analysis and printing. The color difference rate is less than 5%, leading the industry! Moreover, by ejecting ink droplets of three different sizes, the printer improves the contrast and image gradation, improving the clarity, brightness and color saturation of the image.

UV Printing | With 3 Layers By One Pass

It can print three layers of color, white and varnish at one time. When you need to print on transparent materials, use white ink and varnish that can reproduce color reproduction for pre-processing to get a more exquisite printing effect, and the varnish helps you add a layer The protective layer!.

6090 uv inkjet printer
6090 uv printing with suction latform

Super Tank Chain | Pressure-Resistant And Durable

Tank chains are carefully selected and tested hundreds of times, and have passed tens of thousands of continuous runs. They contain network tubes to cover the signal circuits to prevent wear and tear and cause signal failure.

Powerful Adsorption Platform | A Great Helper For Soft Materials

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6090 uv led printer
printer uv 6090

High Energy UV Lamp

Equipped with high-quality imported lamp beads, long-term use will not weaken the energy output, and the centralized light source design can ensure that the UV light does not spread! The UV LED light source is a narrow-band light source. When the product is working, it only emits the valuable part of the curing process and does not produce harmful ultraviolet light. It is a cold light source and the component has small thermal radiation, which greatly reduces the heat generated during the curing process.

Silver Grinding Screw Drive | Special For Big Format UV LED Printer

The 6090 UV printer uses a 180 diameter thick screw rod to ensure stable movement and transmission of the equipment during operation. Even if the machine is used for more than 10 years, it can still guarantee high-precision output! High speed, low noise, comprehensive sealing system, smooth sliding without jamming, high positioning accuracy

6090 uv print with auto clean
silend guide rail

6090 uv inkjet printer | With Automatic Ink Pumping Function

It is equipped with a fully automatic ink pumping device, saying goodbye to manual ink pumping. The ink pump is set to automatically clean up the waste ink sprayed out every 5 minutes to continuously ensure that the nozzle ink pipeline remains smooth.

Silent Guide Rail | Stable Accuracy

It adopts silent slider and guide rail to reduce noise during mechanical movement, and the output is more stable when sliding, ensuring continuous high-precision printing!

ink alarm system

6090 UV Digital Printer

With Ink Shortage Alarm System

The ink alarm system can alarm and sound when the printer ink level is lower than the warning line, prompting you to add ink in time. The ink shortage system can effectively avoid problems such as lack of color and ink breakage caused by lack of ink!

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