Best Dual Epson Dx9 A3 DTG Printer Price For Sale

DTG Printing For Small Business

Antprint DTG Printing Machine Main Features:

  1. Dual Epson printer head dx9 with fast and good qualit on dark dtg shirt printing
  2. White ink Circulation System prevent the nozzles from clogged by the white ink
  3. Ink alarm system that remind you add ink before run out
  4. Screw drive design, maintaining high precision and continuous output for shirts more than 8 years
  5. Max thickness up to 20cm, help you dtg t shirt printing, also socks fabrics printing, hat printing, shoes printing, canvas printing etc.
A3pro dtg printer machine

A3pro dtg printer machine

DTG Printer Main Parameter:

  • Model: Ap-A3pro
  • Printer Head: Epson DX9*2pcs
  • Max printing format: A3 with 33*50cm format
  • Max Printing Thickness: 20cm
  • Mother Board & control board: Self-developed boards
  • Printing Speed: 70s/A4 full size/8pass
  • Max printing resolution: 16pass

DTG Tshirt Printer & NOT ONLY TSHIRT Printing

It is trure that dtg printer called direct to garment printer, how ever you also can use it for printing on the T-shirts, sleeve, hoodies, tank tops, onesies,  tops of shorts, textile bag printing etc

Should i use the SPECIAL ADAPTER for printing on the socks, sleeve, hat etc?

Yes, it is not easy to fix your products well on the platform directly, so we need the help of the special adapter, socks adapter, sleeve adapter, hat adapter, shoes adapter and so on.

You can offer your products size, our designer will help you custom design the special adapter for you!

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AP-A3pro epson dtg printer application

AP-A3pro epson dtg printer application

dual epson dx9 printer head dtg printer

dual epson dx9 printer head dtg printer

Best Epson Printer head DX9 Shirts Printer For dtg printing

Ink model: 

  • The 1st head add CMYK colorful ink
  • The 2nd head add full white textile ink

What is the advantages for the dual epson printer head assemble

  1. Printing fast speed for dark tshirt (black tshirt, blue, green, yellow etc.)
  2. White ink quality will be more white by one pass

White Ink Circulation System & Ink Flash Function

Prevent the Nozzles From Clogged

Compared to the CMYK colorful textile ink, the textile white ink will be more easier to been blocked, because it’s main component is titanium and gold, which is a kind of very small solid particles.

Ink Flash function is the new function for the new self-developed boards dtg printing technology, it can do the little ink flash automatically according to your setting time.

white ink system a3pro dtg printer

white ink system a3pro dtg printer

a3pro dtg printer screw design

a3pro dtg printer screw design


high precision and continuous output for shirts more than 8 years

Unlike most direct to garment printers on the market, Antprint dtg printing machines use screw drive instead of cheap belt drive on the platform. The advantage of this is that it allows the printer to continuously print with high precision for more than 8 years

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