Double head tshirt UV Printer Upgrade Version T shirt UV Printing All In One With Oil Printing

High Efficiency AP-T2U Printer:

  • Double original DX9 epson head xp600 ;
  • One printhead with CMYK ink, another with White ink or oil;
  • One pass with great 3d embossment effect;
  • Good at printing on dark materials;
  • Can choose the uv oil version for printing gloss oil;
  • Can work for 24 hour / Day;

AP-T2U flatbed printer was updated from the old model AP-A3UVDX printer. It is A3 plus  (33*60cm) printing size with max printing thickness 20cm; As this printer use not the epson board anymore, there is no any limits anymore from epson company, for example the printing speed, the printing format and the printing time. What’s more, printing image has no any printing line anymore, the color is vivid and only one pass with perfect 3d embossment effect (because there is one set special white ink printhead).

If you always print on dark materials, and need to print with very heavy 3D embossment, or if you want to print with UV gloss oil, i am sure the double head UV printer will be your best choice.

AP-T1U UV printe_02

AP-T1U UV printe_02


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