33cm Hot  & Cold UV DTF Film Laminator

Laminating machine is a machine widely used in printing, packaging, clothing and other industries. It is mainly used to cover the surface of various substrates with plastic film, hot melt adhesive film or composite film, thereby protecting and beautifying it. The laminating machine is easy to operate, has good effects, and has wide applicability, and is favored by many companies.

  1. Thermal laminating machine: Use thermal film to cover the surface of printed or copied materials through processes such as hot pressing and cooling.
  2. Cold laminating machine: It is suitable for surface coating of various substrates. It mainly sticks composite film or plastic film on the surface of the material through the cold pressing process, and has wide applicability.

AP-33LM laminator is the special laminating machine for the uv dtf printer, if you want to start your uv dtf printing business, it will be your great business partner!


  1. Various paper printed materials (including pigment printing, dye printing, laser printing, copying, offset printing, color printing documents, recipes, business cards, covers, albums, drawings, labels, stickers, contracts, etc.
  2. Paper photos, photo albums, etc. from photo studios and wedding photo studios.
  3. Other wood veneers, metal plates, gold foil, silver foil, etc. that support thermal lamination (the complex composition of such materials requires users to test by themselves).
uv-dtf film laminator

uv-dtf film laminator

AP-33LM Laminator Features

  1. Both for cold and hot laminating.
  2. Double or single film side.
  3. Temperature is adjustable.
  4. Laminating speed is adjustable.
  5. Max laminating width up to 33cm.

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Advantages of AP-33LM laminating Machine

  1. After lamination, the printed matter can be processed with WN oil, hot stamping and other post-processing;
  2. After lamination, the printed matter can be curled or even folded and is not easy to delaminate, so it is suitable for creasing;
  3. After lamination (sub-coating), the printed matter can be written with a ballpoint pen;
  4. It is widely used in coated color inkjet paper, photo paper, uncoated paper, and uneven artistic texture paper;
  5. Pre-coated film is a soft roll film, and its types include bright film, sub-film, and patterned film;
  6. Lamination is a continuous operation of pre-coating in rolls, and the production efficiency is higher than that of ordinary plastic molding.
  7. The pre-coated film in rolls can be processed in one roll with various specifications such as A3 and A4. There is no need to prepare materials of different specifications like ordinary films; the cost of coating consumables is generally low, dry lamination and cold mounting.
  8.  The glue used for the coating is hot melt glue, which will not overflow after cooling, and the incisions of the finished product will be neat and clean; the incisions will become thinner after cold mounting. Glue overflows and dust accumulates, making the edges of the printed matter dark and unsightly.

AP-33LM Laminatro Parameter

Model AP-33LM
Width 330(mm)
Speed 1.5(m/minutes)
Temperature 0-150(℃)
Suiable for size: A3
Laminator size 54*32*37CM
Packing size  60*40*36CM
Power 650w
Packing method carton
33cm uv-dtf film laminating machine
33cm uv-dtf film laminator
uv-dtf film laminator antprint

Laminator Show

Laminator Work With UV DTF Film

Packing & List

uv-dtf film laminator packing list
Antprint uv-dtf film laminating machine
uv-dtf film laminator packing

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