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What Is Direct To Garment Printing ?

A Direct to Garment printer also called dtg printer, it is a type of ink printer that is specifically designed to print high-quality, full-color designs directly onto textiles / fabrics, such as t-shirts, hoodies, socks, shoes, bag, hat and other apparel.  Direct to garment printers work much like traditional inkjet printers, but they are optimized for fabric printing, and it is non-contact printing machine, the printed garment will feel soft to the touch, and it’s very breathable and very friendy for human body!

direct to garment printer

Main Feature Of AP-A2plus

Direct To Garment Printer

  1. A2 size (60*42cm=24”*17”) that with Two platens to load t-shirts instead of just one ;
  2. White ink circulation system that prevent the nozzles from clogged.
  3. Ink alarm system remind you to add ink before it run out;
  4. Lead screw drive achieve to the high-precision printing even it worked over 5 years.
  5. Double heads with 12 color printing CMYK + WWWWW, good at printing white and dark t-shirt;
Custom printing your garment

Custom printing your garment now

direct to garment printer small business

direct to garment printer help you start your own customs tshirt small business

Best Direct To Garment Printer AP-A2plus Advantages

1. Two platens to load garment / t-shirts instead of just one pcs ;
2. Two different options for garment adapter. Two A3 adapter size 28.5cm*40.5cm(11.22”*16”) or one big A2 size adapter with 45cm*57.5cm (17.72”*22.64”) ;
3. Faster speed as the width 60cm (not 42m as normal A2 dtg printer);
4. White ink circulation system that prevent the nozzles from clogged;
5. Ink alarm system remind you to add ink before it run out;
6. Lead screw drive achieve to the high-precision printing even it worked over 5 years.
7. Double heads with 12 color printing CMYK + WWWWW, good at printing white and dark t-shirt;
8. Simple and easy operation interface help the newer learn quickly;
9. Comfortable blue and white color design;

Direct To Garment Printer For Different Business

Light Garment Printing

direct to white garment printing

direct to white garment printing

Dart Tshirt Printing

dark tshirt printing

dark tshirt printing

Hoodies Printing

direct to hoodies printing

direct to hoodies printing

Socks Printing

dtg printer for socks

dtg printer for socks

Canvas Bag

dtg printer for canvas bag

dtg printer for canvas bag

Canvas Hat

dtg printer for hat

dtg printer for hat

Epson DX9*2 pcs Direct To Garment printing Video

  • AP-A2plus with the best Epson Dx9 printer head * 2 pcs. 1st head for CMYK colorful ink printing, the 2nd head use for full white ink for printing.
  • So it is good at printing on the both light and dark tshirt by one pass.

Garment Printer AP-A2plus Introduction Video

Direct Print To Garment Demo Video

Antprint A2 size AP-A2Plus Printer Parameter

Products name New A2Plus dtg printer direct to garment printer machine with double dx9 printhead
Printing Technology Two Printer head advanced Micro Piezo 12 color pigment inkjet technology
Textile Ink colors

(12 colors)

Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white, white,white, white,white, white
UV ink (option) White ink model: Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white, white,white, white,white, white

Varnish Oil model: Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white, white,oil,oil,oil,oil,oil,oil

Edible ink (option) Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, Light cyan,light magenta
Printing speed 8 pass, 70s/A4 full size
Print head XP600*1 Or 2
Max resolution 16 pass
transmit data Gigabit net
Max Printing Size A2 (600mm×420mm)
Max thickness 200 MM
Printer head Protection Intelligent Self Protect System
Ink system Continue ink supply system with damper cartridge
Ink bottle 6 set Ink Tanks with 500ml or 250ml per bottle
Height adjustment Automation
Ink consumption 10 ML/SQM
Voltage/ Power VAC220/110 ± 10 ,50HZ~60HZ,Power ≤ 35W
UV lamp power (option) 50 W
UV lamp Temperature 60 degree(UV lamp surface)

40 degree (1cm far from lamp surface)

Working environment 10-35 degrees (50°-95°F), humidity 20~80%
Head Cleaning method Automatic / Manual
Printer/packing size 82cm×115cm×60cm / 87*120*74cm  
Net /Gross weight 75kg / 150kg
Printing Software Special printing software & RIP Printing software
Computer system Windows system, Gigabit net,

network adapter contain below character: Gigabit、GBE、10/100/1000M、RTL8169

Ink Type (option) Textile ink for garment
Language English, Chinese
Special Remarks Customized service is available
Standard Enclosure Software 1 set, power line 1 set, Network line 1set, guidebook 1 set
Application -1 (Textile ink) Garment, hoodies, Tshirt, socks, hat, shoes, canvas bags etc.
Application -2 (UV ink) phone case / ABS/ plastic / acrylic / metal / glass / ceramic/leather etc.
Application -3 (edible ink) Cake, chocolate, macaron, candy, marshmallow, cookies etc.

Two different options for t-shirt adapter.

Two A3 adapter size 28.5cm*40.5cm(11.22”*16”) or one big A2 size adapter with 45cm*57.5cm (17.72”*22.64”) ;

A3 and A2 size direct to garment printer adapter

A3 and A2 size direct to garment printer adapter

One big A2 size platen with max printing size 45cm*57.5cm 

PS: You also can print with 4 pcs Children A4 size tshirt by one pass / 2 pcs adult A3 size tshirt by one pass

a2plus direct to garment printing machine

For 1 pcs A2 size tshirt

white ink circulation system

white ink circulation system- Keep the ink in a flowing state so it is less likely to settle, effectively preventing nozzle clogging.

High-precision screw drive

High-precision screw drive – Screw transmission is much better than traditional belt transmission, with higher precision and a much longer service life than belt transmission.

Continue Ink Supply System

Continue Ink Supply System – When the ink is almost exhausted, you can add it directly to the ink bottle, which is very simple and convenient.

ink system a2plus dtg printer

AP-A2plus CISS – Continue Ink Supply System

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