A2plus edible food printer

AP-A2plus edible food inkjet printer

  • With max printing size 60*42cm;
  • Max printing thickness is 20cm;
  • New Dx9 printer head and upgrade mother board;
  • non-contact inkjet printing;

If you want to print on different food with a large quantity everyday, our AP-A2plus will be a good choice for you as it can print several food by one time. For example it can print 4 pcs cake by one time, also can print several macarons by one pass.

No need worried your food shape will be changed after printing, and the printed food also will not change the taste. If you want to make your food be different, why do not contact us right now!

Auto edible A2plus food inkjet printer for edible cake macaron candy chocolate printer printing machine

a2 food printer 01

a2plus food printer_02

a2plus food printer_03

a2plus food printer_03

a2plus food printer_04

a2plus food printer_04

a2 food printer

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