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Custom Acrylic Photo Prints

There are currently three main methods of acrylic printing:
1. Inkjet printing: You can use an inkjet printer for direct acrylic printing, but you need to pay attention to the quality of the ink and the smoothness of the surface of the acrylic plate.
2. Silk screen printing: suitable for large-area patterns or text, which can maintain high color saturation and detailed expression.
3.UV printing: Suitable for patterns or text that require high precision and high saturation, but require professional equipment and technical support.

Digital UV Printer For Acrylic Sheet

UV acrylic Printer

Direct To Acrylic Print

Without any help of the pretreatment(eg. the coating), UV acrylic Printer  that can print on your acrylic directly. No matter it is black acrylic, white acrylic, transparent acrylic or sub white, all of them can be printed with beautiful design. Most application such as acrylic signpost, logo design for the company signs and so on.

Acrylic UV Printing Process

  1. Put Your acrylic on the uv printer platform.
  2. Edit your pictures in your computer.
  3. Set the printing position, printing size information.
  4. Click “Print” and the printer will work automatically.
  5. Printing Finished.

Acrylic & 3D Embossment Effect

acrylic printer

acrylic printer

Acrylic Mirror Prints Video

Direct To Acrylic Print

Acrylic UV Printer Recommendation

There are different format uv printer for printing on the acrylic:

A4 with 21*30cm  |   A3 with 33*50cm   | A2 with 60*42cm  |  60*90cm  |  1.6m*1.3m  |  2.5m*1.3m

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