Economic Single Pass Printer Custom Corrugated Box Printer Machine

AP200-OnePas650 is the economic version single pass package corrugated box printer, which can be easy to custom any design on your packing box with a fast printing speed!

single pass digital uv printer


  1. Visual positioning printing.
  2. Imported negative pressure system, convenient for ink extraction and prevents nozzle blockage.
  3. Able to handle a variety of different cardboard or porous products.
  4. High-quality conveyor belt, stable transmission.
  5. Uninterrupted printing, no production stop due to board damage.

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curragated box printing
printed paper bag
printed pizza box
printed products box

AP200-OnePas650 Parameter

Print head configuration EpsonI3200U*(4 pcs – 8 pcs ) Print range Nozzle print width 650mm, unlimited length
Print resolution   2880dpi*1440dpi*720dpi*360dpi Printing material range The maximum width of the material is 650mm, the height is 150mm, and the length is not limited
Ink type Water-based ink / UV Ink Print thickness 150mm
Ink tank capacity(CMYK) 1000ml×4 colors / 1000ML×8 colors, uninterrupted intelligent circulation continuous supply system Interface type Network cable
Applicable material
Corrugated paper, cardboard, coated paper, kraft paper and other full range of packaging surface paper Print software Maintop Color Management Software
Print color method CMYK color Or CMYKW Rated power 800W
Printing speed High speed   180×180dpi / 350pass   86㎡/H

High speed   180×360dpi / 230pass   65㎡/H

High speed   360*360dpi / 120pass   32㎡/H

High speed   360*720dpi / 76 pass    21㎡/H

High speed   720*720dpi / 45Pass    16㎡/hour

High speed   720*1440dpi / 2 8 Pass   11㎡/hour

Graphic format TIFF (RGB & CMYK), BMP, PDF, EPS, JPEG, AI, PSD, etc. operating conditions Avoid dusty environments,

Avoid direct sunlight

Printer size 2000*2200*1650mm Packing size 2200*2400*1950mm
N.W. 350kg G.W. 410kg
Working environment Optimum temperature:

15℃-35℃, relative humidity 20%-80%

Noise Below 75dB
Voltage AC220V,50HZ~60HZ Power: AC220/110±10,50HZ~60HZ,P 180W
Mainboard Independently developed printing series inkjet motherboard, reducing ink dots and high-definition inkjet effect, German Letaishi main chip ensures motherboard stability and high-precision printing processing
Motor High torque 1300W servo motor, guarantee of high-speed and stable printing
Metal Frame One-piece high-density frame, not easy to deform and vibration-proof
Power Board Genuine Mingwei power board ensures smooth operation of equipment circuit
Platform Conveyor belt adsorption function
Synchronous wheel and belt Customized synchronous pulleys ensure motion and precision

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