How to print your company logo and photos on leather products?

Some years ago, people use the screen printing machine for printing on the leather, but the process is very trouble as you need Stretching>Sizing> dry>making plate>brush ink etc.

digital UV printing on leather

But now, there are new technology after the development of the UV flatbed printer, you can call it the digital leather UV printer. As this digital UV leather printer , you just edit your picture in your computer and print on the leather directly (the computer will connect with the UV printer by the USB cable), the printing process is very easy, UV leather printer is very suitable for custom leather printing!

UV Printed Leather Sample show

Main Features of the UV leather printer:

No any pretreatment. You do not need do any pretreatment for your leather, printing directly. So, we can keep the original leather quality. White UV ink also for dark leather, as there are white UV ink, so you can print on your dark background leather (red leather, black leather, blue leather etc.) . UV ink is chemical risistance, the printing is water proof, sun proof and scratch proof.  What’s the importance is, the max height of the UV printer up to 18cm, so you can print on many different leather products, such as leather phone case, leather bag, leather shoes, leather wallet, leather jackets and so on.

Leather printing machine price

Different printing size UV leather printers have different price. There are A4 size ( W*L*H= 16 *36 * 9cm) AP-A4UV-6C,  A3 size (W*L*H= 28 *42 * 28cm) AP-A3UV-6C and A2 size (W*L*H= 60 *60 * 15cm) UV printer AP-A2UV-6060.

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