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One Pass / Single Pass Printer

One Pass printer, also known as high-speed  single pass printer, different from the scanning printing method of traditional printers, the head position of the OnePass printer is fixed. The product to be printed is conveyed through a conveyor belt underneath. When the object passes the sensing device in front of the head, the inkjet work begins and the ink is sprayed to the designated position of the product. It is a multi-functional, multi-industry, and multi-field service equipment with stable performance, good precision, fast speed, and long life.

single pass digital uv printer

Advantages of One Pass Digital Printer

The advantages and characteristics of corrugated paper printers are mainly reflected in the following aspects:

  1. Fast printing speed: Corrugated paper digital printers have a fast printing speed of 30 meters per minute (or higher), which greatly improves production efficiency and meets the needs of fast delivery.
  2. High printing accuracy: Compared with traditional printing presses, corrugated paper printers can provide higher printing accuracy, ensuring that the printed patterns and texts are clear and accurate.
  3. Equipment price advantage: The equipment price of corrugated paper printers is usually more economical than traditional printing presses, which makes it affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises to enjoy the convenience of digital printing.
  4. Easy operation and cost saving: Corrugated paper printers are easy to operate and do not require complex plate making processes, saving a lot of labor and time costs. In addition, it reduces plate making costs and reduces overall operating costs.
  5. Strong adaptability: Corrugated paper printers are suitable for printing various types of corrugated cardboard and other absorbent materials, and have a wide range of applicability. At the same time, it can print monochrome, multi-color, and gradient colors at one time to meet diverse printing needs.
  6. Low post-maintenance cost: Corrugated paper printers usually have a smaller number of nozzles, which reduces the cost of post-maintenance and replacement.
  7. No plate making is required, suitable for small batches and scattered orders: The traditional printing production process requires multiple steps such as film production, proofing, plate imposition and plate exposure, while the corrugated paper printer directly prints computer files on paper without plate making, which is particularly suitable for the printing needs of small batches and scattered orders.
  8. Environmental protection and energy saving:The use of corrugated paper printers meets the requirements of environmentally friendly printing and reduces the pollution and waste that may be generated in traditional printing.

In summary, the corrugated paper printer has become one of the important equipment in the modern printing industry with its advantages of high speed, high precision, economy, simplicity, strong adaptability, low maintenance cost, no plate making, and environmental protection and energy saving.

Single pass printer is suitable for advertising processing, handicraft industry, decorative painting industry, mobile phone case color printing production and other industries. It can completely replace traditional human art processes such as screen printing, pad printing, transfer printing, water transfer printing, offset printing, etc., give full play to its advantages and reduce enterprise costs.

Application One The Different Products

Fast inkjet printer equipped with continue or intermittent feeding system, great for cardboard or porous substrates printing. You can expand pre-existing printing business for packaging industry or start new with a complete printing solution from us. Whether it’s corrugated board /box, Circuit boards, plastic bags, paper bags,sustainable cardboard, envelopes, stand up pouches, boxes, napkins, tags, coasters, greeting cards, postcards, or more, the line of One pass printer are ready to provide you with high-speed, high-quality, four-color CMYK or Five-color CMYKW inkjet printing solutions!

one pass printed corrugated box

Sustainable Cardboard

single pass printed pizza box

Pizza Box

digital printed napkins


printed Foil bag

Aluminum Foil Bags

inkjet printed paper bags

Paper Bag

uv printed thin wood

Thin Wood

digital printed Sustainable Cardboard

Corrugated Packaging Box

printed tag


printed post cards

printed post cards

🔵 Packaging and printing industry
– OnePass printer can quickly print labels and packages of various shapes and sizes, such as food packaging, pharmaceutical packaging, beverage bottle labels, etc. It is also suitable for printing packaging materials such as cartons, gift boxes, paper bags, white cardboard, envelopes, etc.

🔵 Personalized customization industry
– Since the OnePass printer can print on a variety of materials, such as metal, glass, tiles, acrylic, wood, etc., it is very suitable for personalized customization industries, such as home decoration, gift customization, etc.

🔵 Advertising industry
– In the advertising industry, OnePass printers can be used to make outdoor billboards, posters, banners, etc. Its high precision and fast printing characteristics make advertising production more efficient.

🔵 Catering industry
– Disposable lunch boxes and takeaway packaging in the catering industry can be printed using OnePass printers to achieve fast and personalized packaging customization.

🔵 Mechanical hardware equipment industry
– In the mechanical hardware equipment industry, OnePass printers can be used to print logos, labels, etc. of materials such as metal plates and plastic plates.

🔵 New energy industry
– In the new energy industry, OnePass printers are also used, such as printing battery labels, solar panel labels, etc.

🔵 High-volume and fast production scenarios
– One Pass single-pass digital inkjet printer is specially developed for high-volume and fast production on assembly lines. It uses photoelectric positioning to ensure that the printing position of each item is accurate. It can be widely used in production scenarios such as high-volume printing and coding on surfaces such as cardboard, wood, plastic, metal, cartons, paper boxes, lunch boxes, and small handicrafts.

  • antprint single pass printer model
  • Antprint one pass uv printer

AP-OnePas650 Single Pass Printer

OnePas650 is the hottest single pass printer model in our company. With max printing width 650mm and max printing thickness 150mm, it can print on the many different packing box and items. Combine with the reliability and precision, OnsPas650 single pass digital printer would be your perfect option for industrial applications of cardboard.

  • With UV ink: can print on the different materials, such as metal, wood, glass, pvc, ceramic, corrugated paper, plastic bags, etc.
  • Waterbased ink: Special for the water-absorbent material, such as corrugated box, paper bag, napkin, envelope and so on.

🔘 Conveyor for hand-fed, short to medium size runs.
🔘 Flexible to customize and print directly onto a wide range of materials with ink receptive surfaces.
🔘 Food-friendly packaging, durable, fade water-resistant printing!
🔘 Semi-automatic adjustment print height up to 15cm.
🔘 Print width of up to 65cm on a wide range of product sizes on a single device.

OnePas800 Single Pass Water-Based Printer

HP nozzles are used for high-speed printing. The feed width can be selected as 600mm and 800mm. 1-4 nozzles can be installed. A4 or A3 nozzles can be installed. The printing speed is very fast. Water-based ink is installed, and it is not easy to clog the nozzle. It is limited to color ink output printing!

🔘 Comes with an industrial control computer.
🔘 HP high-speed printing nozzle.
🔘 Customizable feed and collection devices.
🔘 Visual positioning printing.

  • waterbased packing box printing machine
  • waterbased packing box printer
  • waterbased packing box printer machine
  • antprint Circuit board single pass printer
  • antprint Circuit board single pass printer machine
  • antprint Circuit board single pass uv printer
  • antprint Circuit board single pass digital printer

Circuit Plastic Board One Pass Digital UV Printer

This printer is specially designed for those who need to print circuit boards and plastic boards. It has visual positioning function, accurate color registration function, and adopts a two-level negative pressure continuous ink supply system. The printer uses four original industrial nozzles to configure CMYK, and each nozzle is installed with one color, which can achieve high-speed and high-precision output printing!

🔘 Magnetic levitation UV printer.
🔘 Special design for printing on the circuit board and plastic materials.
🔘 Visual positioning function.
🔘 Suction platform.

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