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Both Ground Wall Printing Machine

Antprint “M” series printer is Multifunctional printing machine that not only can do the vertical printing, but also the horitonzal printing. Most people use it for printing on the mural wall, vertical car printing, horitonzal ground printing, floor printing and car parking ground printing, basketball court printing etc. If you are going to start your printing service business, it will be your great business partner as you can do both vertical printing and horitonzal printing by the same one printer.

wall and floor printer

wall and floor printer

Multifunction AP-M Series Ground & Wall Printer Machine

A Satisfied Customer Giving His Thoughts On The New M Series UV Wall Printer!

  1. Multifunctional: All in one ground & wall printing machine
  2. UV version for different materials
  3. For Both black and white background wall printing.
  4. Genuine paid software Maintop6.0 Version
  5. Ultrasonic sensors adjusts for uneven surfaces
  6. Big wheel system works indoor without guide rail
  7. Auto clean nozzles

Vertical Wall Mural Printing

Horizontal Ground Printing

Wall Printer Machine With Multiple Functions

Ground & Wall All-In-One Printing Business

The wall printer machine can not only print on walls easily, but also on floor basketball courts, stadiums, etc. through simple structural adjustments, which can be helpful for your printing business item.

Horizontal Ground Printing

  • Customized parking spaces
  • Basketball court floor pattern customization
  • Theme ground for park, commercial street, etc.

Different Materials

  1. Color Tile ground
  2. Wooden flooring ground
  3. Stone material ground
  4. Cement ground
  5. Flooring leather ground
  6. Artificial flooring ground
  7. Terrazzo flooring ground
  8. Foamed plastic ground
  9. Brick flooring ground
floor printer

floor printing

Vertical Wall Printing

  • Indoor and outdoor decoration
  • Background wall
  • Metal signage
  • Office Theme Wall
  • Community Culture Wall
  • Dining Theme Restaurant
  • Kindergarten wall
  • KTV wall
  • Government culture wall
vertical wall prints

vertical wall printing

UV White Ink Printing & Different Materials Wall Printing

light and black wall prints

Both Black and White Gallery Wall Prints

  • Printer with UV system, so it can work with uv ink CMYKW 5 color
  • Based on the UV White ink, printer can not only print light background wall (such as white), but also print dark background wall (such as black)

different materials

UV Ink Works On Different Materials Wall

  • Printer with uv system, so you can use your uv wall & ground printer add both uv ink and pigment ink.
  1. Pigment ink: work on the normal white wall
  2. UV ink: work on the different materials wall, such as wood, ceramic, glass, acrylic, pvc, also metal prints wall art.

Small Size, But NOT Simple

Small & Lighter Size

Help you save a lot of transport costs, in the process of moving in different cities can also be more easily moved products

small size wall printing machine

small size wall printing machine

Cursor Positioning

Achieve precise positioning printing when you need to print a very large wall and the printer once max print size is not enough

Positioning cursor

Positioning cursor

Auto Clean Unit

Auto cleaning the printhead, also be used as a printhead protection device to avoid damage while it is moving.

nozzles clean and protect unit

nozzles clean and protect unit

What Makes AP-M series uv wall printing machine OUTSTANDING 

Equipped With Durable Silicone Large Wheel Design

So she can move and print directly on the flat indoor floor freely, without the assistance of horizontal guide rails.

big wheel easy move

big wheel easy move

Professional Genuine Maintop Software

Our purchase price from the software manufacturer is $165/set, but we give it away for free to our customers. Unlimited length gallery wall prints, standard ICC curves, multi-channel spot color printing, BARBIERI professional color correction, fine dot technology

Genuine Maintop software

Genuine Maintop software

 Upper & Lower 2 Untrasound Probes Can Automatically Adjust The Printing Distance

When the printhead is running up and down, the upper and lower sensors can automatically sense the printing height, so as to adjust the best printing distance in time to ensure clear and accurate output patterns

untrasound probe

untrasound probe

Adjustable Horizontal Guide Rails To Help You Work On UNeven Surfaces Outdoors

Compared with the non-adjustable horizontal guide rail, the adjustable guide rail can help you work easily on uneven outdoor ground, even if you encounter very complicated outdoor working environment, the printer can easily manage

A variety of printer Gifts, as long as you buy we will give free

Genuine Software

maintop for wall prints

Automcatilly Clean Unit

auto clean unit

Manually Clean Unit

manual clean unit for wall prints

Horizontal Rail

wall prints outdoor Horizontal rail

Extra Printhead Cables

extra wall printer head cables

Nozzles Moisturizer

wall printer liquid

Extra Sensor

wall printing machine sensor

Extra Dampers

wall printing dampers

Ink Add Tool

wall printer cyringe

7CM+4.5CM Screws

wall prints screws

Inner Hexagon

inner hexagon for wall printer guide rail

Dust-Free Cloth

wall printer Dust-free cloth

Plastic Tool Box

plastic tools for wall prints

Spare Screw

extra wall prints screws

Computer Holder

computer holder for wall printer

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