Best Edible Printer For Cakes Direct To Edible Printing On A Cake

Edible Printer For Cakes

Digital edible cake printer is a kind of digital inkjet food printer, it prints with edible ink on the cake printing directly, you can print any pictures on the cake surface based on the help of the edible ink. Now, it becomes more and more popular in Hong Kong, Dubai, Thailand, UK, USA, Chile, Australia, Poland and so on.

direct to cake printer

direct to cake printer

Edible Prints On Cake Demo Video

How To Print A Picture On A Cake

Difference From The Transfer Printing On A Cake

Compared to the transfer cake food printer, digital cake printer can print on the cake surface directly, so the printing process is easy, low ink cost (no need transfer paper), and the printed pictures will be more clearer, very suitable for customization to make the “special” cake for your customers.

Application Of The Digital Cake Edible Printing Machine

Cake is a kind of respective  food in western-style pastry,  the birthday party, anniversary celebration, bridal ceremony, various performance or friends party, no matter when and where it is, the cake is always become the “Necessity”. Based on the help of the digital cake picture food printer, you can print any pictures on the cake directly, such as the customer selected characters pictures, scenic photos, cartoon images and so on.

cake printer

food printer for printing on cake

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