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2018 Christmas coupon and Gift details

“ It is a good business item, but i have no enough cost…

This printer performance is perfect, but the price is little expensive…”

You have a good business plan, but always stopped here by the price …

Now, the great opportunity is upcoming!!!

Every AntPrint customers will get their coupons and ink gift after they did the advanced payment via our Paypal.

Now, you can start from here for your new year business item…

If you need to buy, please recognize our only Paypal account: Financial@ant-print.com

Any others Paypal advanced payment will not been available.

Advanced Paypal Payment, Get Your Coupon & Gift
2018 Christmas Gift

Advanced $200 Paypal Payment

  • Value Over $3500

XP600 Printer with New Board

AP-A3UVX Single Head UV Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $3560/set

AP-A3UVDX Double Heads UV Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $4300/set

AP-6060UVR UV Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $6380/set

AP-6060UVG UV Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $6550/set

AP-6090UVR UV Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $6980/set

Advanced $100 Paypal Payment

  • Value Over $2500

Epson1390 /R1900 with Epson Board

AP-A3UV-6C UV Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $2960/set

AP-A3-6C T-shirt / Food Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $2800/set

AP-A3-8C T-shirt / Food Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $4020/set

AP-A3UV-8C UV Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $4320/set

AP-A3-8D T-shirt Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $4180/set

Advanced $50 Paypal Payment

  • Value Over $550

L800 A4 Printer

Coffee Printer

AP-A4UV Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $2160/set

AP-A4H Food Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $1860/set

AP-COF  Coffee Printer

Exw Shenzhen: $840/set

UV Ink Gift

250 ml per 5 color (CMYKW)

Textile Ink Gift

100 ml per 5 color (CMYKW)

Edible Ink Gift

100 ml per 4 color (CMYK)

Contact Us For More Details

Ms.Bonnie Zhang

Mobile: +86 136 3291 3107
Whatsapp: +86 136 3291 3107
E-mail: Bonnie@ant-print.com

Ms.Angela Yunus

Mobile: +86 136 9985 2907
Whatsapp: +86 136 9985 2907
E-mail: Angela@ant-print.com

Ms.Linda Lin

Mobile: +86 159 7659 8494
Whatsapp: +86 159 7659 8494
E-mail: Linda@ant-print.com
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    We Shenzhen ant print Science & Technology Co.,Ltd welcome to customers to be our agent, it is our goal to be the best professional flatbed printer manufacturer in the future. Choose us will be your best choice, which means you have chosen the best products and the best service and the best opportunity!

    Ant-Print sample room
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    If you are not sure if our machine can help you solve your printing goal, try to sent us your products and our technician will help you to test for free. Sent us your design and just let us help you art your products!

    Shenzhen Ant Print Science & Technology Co., Ltd specialized in the flatbed printer since the year of 2007 in China. Now we are doing all of the flatbed printer business, such as UV flatbed printer, eco-solvent flatbed printer, food printer and t-shirt printer. We also supply the eco-solvent ink, UV ink, textile ink and food ink, Epson printer head, Epson motherboard, clean unit, CISS ( continue ink supply system), carriage,damper etc. It is our vision to be the best small format multifunction flatbed printer supplier in China, always offer customers the best quality products, 100% good service and cooperation opportunity is our mission, embracing change and flux, taking customers as the center always become our team values!

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    Sample Show
    Ant-Print printer application
    Video Show+
    Sample Room for Video Ant-Print

    Products Show

      Multifunction UV Printer    

         AP-A4UV       >>>>> hot 80%

         AP-A3UV-6C         >>>>> hot 100%

         AP-A3UV-8C       >>>>> hot 60%

         AP-A2UV-6060     >>>>> hot 80%

      DTG Printer 

         AP-A4-6C       >>>>> hot 60%

         AP-A3-6C       >>>>> hot 100%

         AP-A3-8C       >>>>> hot 80%

         AP-A3-8D        >>>>> hot 60%

      Digital Food Printer

         AP-A4H            >>>>> hot 80%

         AP-A4             >>>>> hot 60%

         AP-A3-6C        >>>>> hot 90%

         AP-A3-8C       >>>>> hot 40%

    Application & Video

    UV Printer Application

    UV printer developed from the eco-solvent printer,print on most materials directly;

    1.drying at once;

    2.the white ink is available;

    3.Print with embossment;

    4.print directly on most materials;

    Application: phone case, pvc cards, golf balls, chargers, ball pen, metal, wood, glass, ceramic etc.



    DTG Printer Applicatoin

    DTG printer different from the transfer printing machine, screen printing machine.

    1.Direct to garment;

    2.For cotton, fabrics, nylon, no-woven,leather, corium etc.

    3.For t-shirt, garment, socks, hat, schoolbag and so on.

    DTG printer application


    Food Printer Application

    Food Printer is the same with the DTG printer, just they add the different ink. Food printer  is a kind of inkjet printer who work together with the special edible ink (MSDS certification Proved), many people use it for printing photo on the cake, macaron, chocolate, candy, cookies, coffee, marshmallow and so on.

    food printer application

    Why Ant-Print?


    Quality Control

    More than 10 year experience help our machine have very stable performance. All of our main assembly workers have more than 2 years experience.

    * Now all of our printer is automatic version, automatic, no need to adjust the height by hand;

    * Removed the grating disc, there will be less chances of the ink error.

    * Bidirectional buffering techniquewill keep working with high precision for 4-5 years.

    * 100% original Epson printer head and motherboard, not renew;

    100% After-Sale Service

    * All of the printers will be tested before sent out, and there will be online technician guide you test the printer again before your printer start to work for you;

    * There are experienced international engineers who are good at tech & English, they will guide you online if you have any questions for the operation or maintenance;

    * Printer with 1.5 years warranty and life-time maintenance, Seller will replace the spare parts of printer for buyer fee within 1.5 year, except print head, clean unit, CISS(continue ink supply system) and damaged by human, seller’s engineers will offer 6 days 8 hours online support to buyer!

    * Further Plan: Welcome to any customers to be our number of world-technician-team in your country, we want to establish our technician team in different country in the near future.

    ” I was worried that i can not handle this machine before i made decision, i hesitate for around two month. When i got printing order from my customers, i must go ahead and final i choose Ant-Print, yes they did not let me down, this machine is very easy to operate after i learn the guide book and the video. Hope this machine can bring more order to me. Thanks my god!”


    “My customers always ask me for printing on different logo when they get some small order, that let me confused- i should get this order or not? After Steven recommend this UV printer to me, i am sure the UV printer is what i were looking for, because it can print many different materials and easy to change any picture in your computer and print directly, unbelievable! ”

    Mr.Lynn Van

    ” I am one designer, i draw many art work, one great idea beat me when i watch one dtg printing video on facebook: i can print my art design on the t-shirt and sell it on my facebook and Amazon. Yup, now i am doing this job and i do not know if this can help me go further road, but i will try, who know what will happen ~”

    Ms.Sherry Frost

    Ant-Print User

    Support & Download

    Get Help & Download

    CE certification

    CE Certification

    MSDS Certicification

    SGS Certification

    SGS Certification

    SGS Certification


    We recommend you can learn our machine before you receive your printers, which can help you be ready to operate your machine soon, and these user’s guidebook can help you avoid unnecessary mistakes when you operate it. Of course you can find the normal document for the troubleshooting from the download link.
    Support: in-tech02@ant-print.com


    Buy From Us

    Steps to purchase from us —————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————————-

    = BUY =

    Sent us inquiry and tell us:

    1.What products do you want to print?

    2.What’s the max size of your products?

    3.How many pcs do you want to print per day?

    We will recommend you the suitable model for you according to your requirement, and after you confirmed details about this products, shipping, customs clearance etc, then you can arrange the payment. We can accept T/T and western union.

    We will ready for your goods after get your payment, and they will sent out within 3 days. If you have no your forwarder, we will help you arrange the shipping issue, we had cooperation with the forwarder for more than 10 years, they are safe and efficient.

    If you ship by sea, maybe you wait about 18-32 days and it will arrive your local sea port, you need to go there to pick it up.

    Sending by air, your machine will arrive the local international air port after 4-6 days later. You need to pick it up at the air port;

    When you sen by express ( DHL/ Express/Ups/Fedex), the ink and printer must be sent by separately as the liquid is regarded to a kind of sensitive goods at the customs. Goods will arrive your office directly.

    Before you receive your printer, we will sent the information of our online international technician, they are experienced, good at tech and English,

    Our online international technician will guide you to test the printer again before you put your printer into your working.

    Of course, they will guide you detailed for the operation and maintenance.

    Printer with 1.5 years warranty and life-time maintenance, Seller will replace the spare parts of printer for buyer fee within 1.5 year, except print head, clean unit, CISS (continue ink supply system) and damaged by human, seller’s engineers will offer 6 days 8 hours online support to buyer!

    = Recent Work =
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