AntPrint Big format AP-6090UVR A1 size UV flatbed Printer gloss oil UV printer with double heads epson xp600

AntPrint AP-6090UV big format UV printer (2)

AntPrint AP-6090UV big format UV printer (2)

>>Features of AP-6090UVR A1 size all in one UV Flatbed Printer
1. Flicker function:
Printer can do the ink flicker while printing or printer is on standby. So, you never need worried your printer head will be blocked by the UV ink/ Textile ink;

2. Double printer heads with origintal Epson XP600
Double heads can help you print on dark materials by only one pass with fast printing speed. All of our printer head used is original epson head, not renew. so they has the longer liftime.

AntPrint AP-6090UV big format UV printer (3)

AntPrint AP-6090UV big format UV printer (3)

3. Max. 20cm object height available to be adjusted to meet more requirements from clients.
Most 6060UV printer just with 15cm adjustment height, but our machine can up to 20cm;

4. Design cylinder adapter for clients
We can help you design cylinder adapter for your 6090UV printer, but kindly know it just can print on cylinder with light dark background.

5. Double UV LED Lamps
Double UV LED lamps can make the ink dry faster and make the printing area bigger.

6. High quality LED UV Lamp
The LED UV lamp lifetime can up to 50000 hours.

7. High-precision linear guide.
Linear guide is make by the imported Germany CNC, so it can help you print with hight printing precision.

8. High-end Touch screen
High-end display screen that can help you know all the printing situation of your printer.
You also can control this printer by touch.

9. Do the ink pump automatically
When you receive your new printer, it can do the ink suction or ink pump automatically, no need do the ink suction by hand anymore.

AntPrint AP-6090UV big format UV printer (1)

AntPrint AP-6090UV big format UV printer (1)

Product name Ant Print Big format AP-6090UVR A1 size UV flatbed Printer with double Epson printer heads
Model AP-6090UVR (UV printer Red color)
Printer head Original XP600 (Double heads )
UV Ink color C.M.Y.K.W.W
Printing speed A4*45 seconds
Resolution 1440*720dpi
Max Printing size 60*90cm (23.62″*35.43″)
Max Media Thickness 20 cm  ( 7.874″ )
Nozzle cleaning Manually/Automatically
Printer/packing size 80cm×100cm×75cm / 145cm×106cm×75cm

( 51.18″*39.37″*28.74″ / 55.12″*43.31″*31.5″ )

Net /Gross weight 110KG / 180KG
Printing interface USB3.0 fast speed 
Printing software AntPrint Special Printing software
UV lamp power 50W for each LED lamp, adjustable
uv lamp working temperature surface with 60 degree,1cm with 40 degree
Working Environmental Temperature 10°-35°(50°-95°F)   humidity 20~80%
Voltage / power VAC220/110 ± 10 ,50HZ~60HZ,Power ≤ 80W
Height adjustment Control by buttons
Standard Accessories Inking tools, Operating CD-ROM,drive and software CD,
power lines, USB data lines, instructions.
Application Ceramic, metal, phone case, crystal, pvc cards, CD, ball pens etc.

AP-6090UVR application on phone case, wood, glass, crystal, cards, leather, stone, tile etc.

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