antprint wall printing machine printer
  • Direct to print design on wall;
  • Easy to learn operation;
  • Height 2.1m or customized, unlimited width;
  • AP-H1UV economic model: with epson TX800*2pcs head;
  • AP-H2UV best selling: with epson DX7*1 pcs head;
  • AP-H3UV industry speed model: with epson 4720*1pcs printhead;

Outdoor 3d wall spray murals printing machine indoor direct to wall inkjet printer

3D large wall vertical color printer is a multi-functional wall ink-jet printer, which uses computer-controlled multi-axis linkage ink-jet printer and material pigment ink. Construction process will not produce any meaning, and waterproof sunscreen is not easy to fade, is to meet the current low-carbon environmental protection, beautification of urban and rural edge.

antprint wall printer

antprint wall printer

The multi-functional wall spray painting machine not only solves the uneven level and faster construction speed of the hand-painted industry for painters, but also most importantly, it is much cheaper than the traditional hand-painted price, which makes the market easier to receive. Without the need of plate making and art foundation, it can directly paint various propaganda posters, cultural walls, advertising walls, theme hotels and personalized home decoration painted walls on the wall, Draw the picture you need. Its pattern is colorful, lifelike, more lifelike than hand-painted, and the color is long-lasting, excellent performance, in line with the current aesthetic requirements of cultural decoration.

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Outdoor wall printing

Indoor wall printing with 3d effect

Long wall printing

Auto adjust print on the round surface

Wall printer with high resolution

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Several advantages of wall painting machine:

  1. It is suitable for any wall and has a wide compatibility.
  2. It can be used in all kinds of output software and support any file format;
  3. Equipped with professional color management software, it can change color anytime and anywhere without any extra cost;
  4. The full-color image is completed at one time, and the gradient color completely achieves the photo effect, and the positioning is accurate;
  5. It only takes 1 to 2 days to master the technology and make excellent products without professional skills;
  6. Computer operation, no need for plate making machine to repeat the process of color registration, simple operation and easy maintenance. There is no dependence on personnel, so there is a large space for upgrading;
  7. High precision printing: the ink of the machine is special ink, so that the output image effect is lifelike and the photo quality is achieved. Image waterproof, sunscreen, wear-resistant;
  8. Using closed continuous ink supply system: it is convenient to add ink, effectively prevent dust from entering the ink supply system, effectively protect the smoothness of ink jet of the nozzle, and reduce the cost of color painting;
  9. Any width can be printed, and any width can be printed through guide rail splicing;
  10. Foldable design, convenient for transportation;
  11. Integrated industrial computer operation intelligence, machine and computer integration, no need to carry laptop, plug in U disk can print, convenient and fast;
wall printing machine_2.1

wall printing machine_2.1

Advantages of wall painting machine:

  1. Double ultrasonic sensors, automatic recognition of 2-5cm concavity, automatic two-way induction, surface tracking, automatic positioning, automatic result of uneven surface, wall tilt and other issues;
  2. Imported chip processor: the equipment adopts the imported chip integrated circuit, the machine replaces the artificial hand drawing, intelligent, human nature, automatic up and down, left and right jump white;
  3. Professional ink for wall painting: the special water solvent ink produced by nano pigment composite technology has the characteristics of anti ultraviolet, anti peeling, anti conjunctiva, durable, non-toxic and tasteless, green and environmental protection;

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Sent inquiry to us and we will reply you within 1  hour!

A2Plus Printer Parameter

Products name Direct to wall uv wall printing machine both indoor and outdoor
UV version or not  UV version (You can add uv ink or pigment ink)
Printing Technology 2 pcs / 1 pcs Printer heads advanced Micro Piezo 12 color pigment inkjet technology
Model AP-H1UV / H2UV / H3U
Printhead (alternative) Epson dx7*1pcs /dx7*2 pcs / DX10* 2pcs /dx12*1pcs
X / Y/ ZGuide 5m Train Guide / 210CM /14CM (we also can custom size for you)
Printer packing/ size 100*60*240CM /255*40*30cm
Printer weight 98KG / 186KG
Laser location Yes
Resolution 2880*1440dpi
Packing size 1 105*75*48cm
X / Y /Z Effective Stroke 460CM / 195CM / 10CM
Z axis automatic Yes
Ultrasonic sensor 1 pcs
Integrated voltage regulation Yes
Magnetic induction limit Yes
Clean head Automatic
Blank Jump Yes
battery life Yes
Nozzle check Yes
Distance sensing 3CM
Ink thermostat Yes
Ink type /Ink Color Water based / Starnderd
Drive rack 10 PCS
Speed 3-6 SQ.M/hour / 8-15 SQ.M / 15-20 SQ.M/hour
Unit Price Sent inquiry to us for details

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