Betterprint & ultraprint Install package

Software name Betterprint & Ultra install package
Suitable printer AntPrint UV / Pigment ink wall printer

AP-H1UV (TX800-Double heads W+CMYK ink together)

AP-H2UV (DX7-Double heads W+CMYK ink together)

AP-H2 with pigment ink (Dx7-Single head CMYK ink)

AP-H3 (epson4720 printer heads W+ CMYK ink together)

Language English and Chinese
Size 1.23G + 140MB
Date updated the year of 2021
  • Ultraprint Install package

  • Betterprint Install package(tx800-2H)

  • Betterprint Install package(DX7-2H)

  • Betterprint Install package(DX7-1H)


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