Self-timer Coffee Printing Art Machine With WIFI function

Digital coffee printer that can print photo on the coffee-foam surface, it is a kind of inkjet printer that work together with the edible ink (with 4 color CMYK). The printer can connect with Ipad by WIFI ( Also USB line connect is a choice), so it is very convenient to art your coffee foam for your customers!

Coffee Printing Video >>>

Features of the coffee printer AP-COF

> Available printing colorful (4 color) coffee or coffee color;

> Fast printing speed, takes about 10 second per cup;

> Direct printing on coffee foam;

Why You should choose us?

  1. Coffee Printer AP-COF can print with WIFI function, you do not need use the USB line to connect the printer;
  2. Printer with 1.5 years warranty, you can replace any parts for the machine except the printer head;
  3. We will sent one set ink (100ML per 4 color) for free as a gift.
  4. Printer head cable with high quality, so the lifetime will be longer;
  5. Printer with metal base, so the coffee can be printed very balanced;
  6. Printer with small size, the height only 42CM, but you still can print with bottle up to 180mm.


Printed coffee Sample by the AP-COF

Specification of the Coffee Printer AP-COF >>>

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