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Glass Photo Prints

Printed glass has become a popular choice for interior and exterior decoration designers to express their fashionable spirit. It has powerful functions, colorful features, and allows designers to customize creative patterns. It has become a favorite among designers. One of the materials. The semi-transparent pattern allows you to feel the penetration of light and allows the pattern to blend into the environment naturally and freely. Its characteristics are as follows:

glass prints

glass prints

(1) Each piece of glass can be integrated with personalized design and color scheme. No need for plate making, printing and repeated color registration, the colors are beautiful and the effect is lifelike. Can be printed on both sides, flexible choice.

(2) Glass itself is an environmentally friendly material without any pollution. Moreover, glass products are easy to clean. With just a little wiping, they will look as clean as new for decades.

(3) Suitable for diverse and colorful designs of large buildings, colors can be freely selected.

(4) It has strong UV resistance, scratch resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and long service life.

(5) Integrating decoration and function, printed glass is made of ordinary glass. Therefore, as a decorative material, it has various properties of glass and the elegant style of art. Printed glass can be used in screens, partitions, doors, windows and balconies.

(6) The characteristics of transparency and translucency allow printed glass to produce optical illusions through the refraction of light, forming a special form between objective reality and fictional dreams.

LED UV Glass printer

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LED UV Glass Printing Machine

UV printer can print on most materials directly except glass, ceramic and metal materials, they are very hard materials with very smooth surface. So, when you want to print on glass, you need spray coating firstly, after drying you can start to print your design on the glass surface, which printed design will be scratchproof & suchproof and waterproof.

Printed glass is a craft glass based on the development of printing technology. In the past, glass printing patterns generally used a labor-intensive screen printing process, which made it difficult to print colorful patterns on glass or create independent printed glass.

With the development of digital printing technology becoming more and more mature, colorful patterns can be accurately printed on glass. There are advanced digital printing equipment and technologies on the market, so that any work that can be designed on a computer can be printed on glass. can be accurately displayed, the only limit is human imagination. Printed glass can transform an ordinary architectural space into a work of art.

3. Advantages Of The UV Printer For Glass

uv printer for glass

uv printer for glass

UV printing is mostly used on the market today. This is a printing process that uses ultraviolet light to dry and solidify ink. It requires the ink containing photosensitizer to be matched with a UV curing lamp. Currently, UV ink has covered offset printing, screen printing, and spray printing. Ink, pad printing and other fields, while UV generally refers to the printing effect process in the traditional printing industry.

      1. The UV glass printer does not require a spray coating and prints patterns directly on the glass;
      2. it is equipped with an LED curing light device and can be printed and dried immediately, eliminating the need for a baking process.
      3. No plate making is required and printing is fast.
      4. Various output software can be used and various file formats are supported. Full-color images are completed in one go, with progressive colors fully achieving photo-quality effects, accurate positioning, and zero scrap rate.

Printed glass process technology UV printing supports projects with higher requirements for image processing, and is suitable for large-scale projects with diverse designs and rich colors. It can directly print works in JPEG, PDF, EPS and other formats, and can handle variable data, making it an ideal choice for interior and exterior decoration applications. With the continuous development of printed glass technology, and because printed patterns are generally based on flat glass, with different patterns

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