How to print uv dtf transfers ?

We have seen a lot of UV DTF Printers, so how is UV DTF FILM made?

There may be many friends who don’t know. UV DTF FILM is a decorative label that is attached to the surface of an object. It has bright patterns, rich colors, good adhesion, strong three-dimensional effect, strong scratch resistance, and leaves no residual glue. The longer it is pasted, the dryer it will be and the stronger the adhesion will be. It can be used for decorative transfer labels on bags, glass artwork, tea packaging boxes, handicrafts, plastics, sports equipment, helmets and other products.

UV dtf Printer and UV dtf transfer film sticker

UV DTF FILM Sticker is named Crystal Sticker in China, because of its three-dimensional and crystal-like appearance. Uv dtf sticker label production process, in fact, the current film sticker label production is very simple. You can directly use ANTPRINT UV DTF printer to directly produce the uv dtf film labels. The materials for making crystal labels only require uv ink, printing AB film and varnish. To make a uv dtf film sticker, we first print the first layer of varnish or matte, then print the second layer of white ink, then print the third layer of color ink, and finally print the fourth layer of varnish or gloss. All these steps require only one ANTPRINT UV DTF PRINTER printer can do it.

What do you need to prepare ?

  • UV DTF Printer.
  • UV DTF Film.
  • UV Ink.
  • Computer.
antprint uv dtf printer

antprint uv dtf printer

UV DTF PRINTER can realize one-piece printing without plate making, which greatly saves all kinds of tedious operating steps and processes. Whether it is a LOGO trademark or a gradient pattern, whether it is “matte mode” or “glossy mode”, Or a variety of mode effects such as matte oil mode can be achieved, meeting the needs of customers for various types of personalized small batch customization.

How to use uv dtf film sticker ?

Tear off the uv dtf film B film “the side without glue”, then paste the A film “the side containing glue and pattern” to the surface of the object, and finally press the pattern repeatedly. Just tear off the A film. The use of uv dtf film is very simple and quick.

uv dtf stricker step

uv dtf stricker step

How to print uv dtf transfers Full Demo Video

  1. Design artwork: Design is the first step in uv dtf film production. Patterns, text, colors and other elements need to be designed according to customer needs. During the design process, factors such as the clarity, recognition, and matching of the logo with the marked object need to be considered.
  2. UV DTF Printing: UV DTF film uses a printer to print patterns, text, colors and other elements on transparent UV DTF film. When printing, you need to choose the appropriate printer, ink, and printing parameters to ensure that the printed logo is clear and bright.
  3. Cutting the film: The printed UV DTF film needs to be cut to obtain the desired shape and size. When cutting, care must be taken to maintain the integrity of the logo to avoid burrs or damage.
  4. Sticker on products: Paste the cut uv dtf film on the surface of the object to be marked, and the operation is completed once it is pasted and peeled off.

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