How to customize a personalized DIY Mobile phone case

(DIY mobile phone case customization tutorial) 

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With the development of the times, people’s requirements for mobile phone cases are getting higher and higher. Ordinary mobile phone cases can no longer meet people’s needs for appearance and personalization. Therefore, DIY mobile phone cases have become the new favorite among young people. This article will explain in detail how to customize a personalized mobile phone case.

custom phone case

custom phone case

Step 1: Choose Covers Material

First, we need to choose the appropriate shell material. The main mobile phone case materials on the market include silicone, plastic, PC, etc. The silicone case is relatively soft, can protect the phone from minor impact damage, and is relatively cheap; the plastic case is relatively hard, but less durable; the PC material is relatively hard and has good durability. Therefore, we need to choose the appropriate shell material according to our own needs.

Step 2: Choose A Design Plan

After selecting the shell material, we need to choose a design plan. This step is very important because a good design can make your DIY phone case more outstanding. You can choose your favorite patterns, fonts, colors, and more. If you don’t know what design solution to choose, you can search for relevant pictures online or refer to other people’s designs. I would like to remind everyone to make sure that the pictures, texts, etc. you choose do not involve copyright issues.

Step 3: Make You Phone Case

There are many ways to make DIY mobile phone cases. Here are two of the more common methods.

  1. UV printing

UV printing is a very popular DIY phone case making method. Using this method requires a UV printer and some special uv ink, then upload your design to the computer, connect the printer and print. If you don’t have your own UV printer, you can find a local commercial printing shop for printing.

diy phone case

diy phone case

  1. UV DTF Transfer Stickers

UV DTF Film Stickers are also a very simple and easy way to DIY phone cases. Using this method requires tools such as stickers, scissors, rulers, and pens. First, use a ruler and pen to cut the sticker to the size of the phone case. Then, apply transparent glue on the back of the sticker and stick it on the phone case, removing air bubbles and paying attention to alignment. Finally, just cut off the excess stickers.

Step 4: Decorate

If you feel that your DIY phone case is not perfect enough, you can choose to add some decorations. For example, adding diamonds, beads and other decorative materials to the mobile phone case, spraying paint on the case to make it more shiny, etc. This can make your DIY phone case more personalized.


Through the above four steps, we can make a personalized and fashionable DIY mobile phone case to show our own style and personality. Remember to put safety first during DIY and do not use dangerous items and tools. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to protecting the environment and avoiding pollution.

Finally, I wish everyone a successful production!