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How to achieve personalized color printing on wooden boards ?

UV Printed Wood Sample Show

In life, we often see some wooden blocks, wooden doors, wooden wardrobes, wooden screens, personalized wooden gifts, wooden packaging boxes, etc. printed with high-definition personalized patterns. They look very high-end and elegant and have high artistic value. Many advertising and printing companies will also receive many requests for color printing of personalized LOGOs, avatars, etc. on wooden products. So how to achieve color printing of personalized graphics and text on wooden boards?

UV Printed Wood Sample Show

Using ANTPRINT WOOD UV PRINTER, you can easily color print personalized graphics and text on any flat wooden board. So how does ANTPRINT wooden colorful UV PRINTING MACHINE achieve it? What is the production process? Let’s talk about the production process of woodblock printing machine:

First of all, you need to have a wood block uv printing machine.

When purchasing a Wood-Block UV Printer, be sure to visit the wood-block printing machine manufacturer in person, check the proofing results on-site, learn more about the various functions, check whether the manufacturer has complete after-sales service, and carefully accept the manufacturer’s operating training after purchase.

Antprint Wood UV Printer

Antprint Wood UV Printer

The second is production operations. It can be divided into the following steps:

  1. First deal with the wood board to be color printed. The surface of the wood board must be smooth and clean. In order to save costs, it is best to spray a layer of ordinary white paint on the wood board first. It should be noted here: the wood board color printing machine has a printing height limit. If the wood board exceeds the printing height, it cannot be color printed, otherwise the machine will be damaged.
  2. Turn on the wood board printer and place the wood board on the UV Printer platform.Be careful to adjust the edges and do not exceed the printing range.
  3. Edit the graphics and text on the computer, click Print, and output the color graphics and text to be printed.
  4. After receiving the printing command from the computer, the woodblock uv printing machine will run automatically without human operation. When printing is completed, the finished product is ready. The machine automatically stops and the wooden board can be removed, and the production process ends.

Wood UV Printing Video

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