【 Maintenance】How to use the moisturizer preserve the wall printer head after printing ?

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How To Use The Moisturizer Preserve Your Wall Printer Head ? Brief introduction of nozzle moisturizing steps: Tissue, Moisturizing liquid, food wrap film and black bag required. Clean the waste ink on the printer head face. Put liquid on film to cover bottom printhead. Cover the up printhead. PS: Must do it right or ink [...]

Wall Printer User Guide Book

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Wall Printer installation video Wall Printer software download Wall Printer guidebook Wall Printer products link antprint wall printer user guide book wall printer guide book Feel free to sent inquiry to us if you have any question for this wall printer! We will reply you within 1 hour~

How to use the software of waste ink pad counter?

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【Ant-Print】Troubleshooting -- How to use the software of waste ink pad counter? When your machine need zero clearing, the lights of ink button(Ink Change Button) and paper button (Product Placement Button) will be blinking one by one (not the same) , which make your printer can not work normally. PS: When you do the zero clearing, you need [...]

How to clean your printer head by manual?

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【Ant-Print】Troubleshooting -- How to clean your printer head by manual? If your printer head is block seriously, you need clean it by manual. PS:When your printer has been idle for a long time, it is easy to block your printer head. Preparation 1.Cleaning liquid: One kind of cleaning liquid for one kind of ink, never mix it. [...]

How to replace your clean unit

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【Ant-Print】Troubleshooting -- How to replace your clean unit? Step No.1  Disconnect the screw out side the cleaning unit,and a screw of the nog in front. Step No.2 Disconnect the screw on left side of nog,and disconnect the screw of infrared automatic right side at the same time,and you can take it off. Step No.3 Disconnect the [...]

How to clean your clean unit?

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【Ant-Print】Troubleshooting -- How to clean your clean unit? 1.Puddle the Flushing Box with Nozzle Cleaning Liquid 2. Find a syringe and cut a short tube. 3. Find waste ink bottle 4. Remove waste ink tube 5. As picture shown, pumping ink very slowly, when you saw thre is no alcohol in Flushing Box, Puddle it with alcohol [...]

Missing color

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【Ant-Print】TROUBLESHOOTING ----Missing color Description for the missing color When you check the nozzle by the printer driver, the line is not completed even you have clean the printer head automatic over 3 times. How to solve it? 1.Power off the printer 2.Take out the waste ink tube 3. Pull out 3~5 ml waste ink 4. Print [...]

Ink and Feed Error

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【Ant-Print】Troubleshooting ---- Ink & Feed Description for the ink & Feed error   Situation A: When you start to print, the light of the product placement button blink or light always.   Situation B: When you start to print, both of the ink button and paper button light.   How To Solve It? 1. Moving printer [...]

Ink Error

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【Ant-Print】Troubleshooting -- Ink Error Description for the Error: During starting, the ink change indicator which on the control panel light, After sending the printing order, system points out that the installation of ink cartridge is wrong. Step 1. Press Ink Button WARMING:  INK ERROR NOT MEANS THERE IS NO INK. DO NOT ADD INK !!! When [...]

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