— How to clean your printer head by manual?

If your printer head is block seriously, you need clean it by manual.

PS:When your printer has been idle for a long time, it is easy to block your printer head.


1.Cleaning liquid:

One kind of cleaning liquid for one kind of ink, never mix it.

Attention Wrong cleaning liquid will cause the damage of the printer head.


2.make a part like this


3. get two syringes for ready: Also several tubes about 4-5cm

4. Several cups, similar plastic box, blower and some napkin.


Take out the printer head


1. On power, press the change ink button, cut off the power when it stop.


2. Move the carriage to the middle.


3. Take out the small tanks.


4. take out the cable clamp on the right side of the carriage


5. Release the two buckles as the picture showed


6. lift the cable clamp, then rotate 90 degree like the picture


7. release the three screws on the picture


8. Take out the printer head carefully.


9. Pull out the flat cable lines straightly, do not make damage of the touch spot of the lines.


10. the head is out

Clean the printer head

1. Match the tube with the syringe then insert to the ink column.

Hold the tube by one hand then pump the rest ink slowly one by one like the picture showed.


2. Change a new syringe and a tube,fill with cleaning liqiud,clean it like the picture showed, make it soft or will broken the nozzles.

Every color got a row of nozzle, will see the drops of water come out from the relevant nozzle.

3.Clean each color several times, dry the cleaning liquid around by napkin.


4. Seal the printer head like the picture after your cleaning, then pack it keep it in a box.