The basic knowledge of the wall printer

Function Of  Wall Printer

Wall printer is a machine and equipment to print beautiful patterns on the wall, it is the use of text mobile airbrush to spray patterns on the wall.

Wall painting machine applicable wall: internal and external wall putty wall, latex paint wall, large white, imitation porcelain wall, rice paper, canvas, wall clothing, color coating glaze, shellac, color grain paint and other white background or yellowish background wall. Can also print glass, ceramic tile, wood, acrylic, PVC and metal plate (these media need to use coating).

Wall Printer Application Market

Indoor and outdoor decoration, advertising wall spray painting, cultural wall spray painting, background wall spray painting, store decoration spray painting, office landscaping, party wall wall coloring, wall printers as long as the wall needs to be spray painted, can be used on.

Who Is The Better Solution

Wall Painting & hand-Painted Comparison 

Wall printer printing cost is low, printing accuracy sue, the effect is more apparent better, can save time costs & labor costs, however, hand-painted low efficiency, high labor costs, painting effect is not as good as the effect of the wall machine! So the general construction requirements we should choose the wall printer, can save a lot of money. If you also like the wall painting machine, then contact us ANTPRINT to learn more about wall printers!

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