When we get one new printer head, maybe you want to know”if it is good”?

Or you are one technician and your clients ask you test the printhead before sent out.

How to test it ? If we add the ink into the nozzles, it is very trouble to clean again and it will become one “second hand printhead”.

So, how to test one new printer head and do not add any ink?

  1. You need prepare some distilled water; you also can go to your local convenience store to purchase one bottle mineral water;
  2. Ready 2 pcs small syringe;
  3. A small cup;
  4. nozzle moisturizing liquid

We can use the syringe to add distilled water into the printer head nozzles, if these nozzles are smooth, the water will come out straightly.

If these nozzles are blocked, there will not distilled water come out, or they will not come out straightly.

Check the demo video as below

What should i do after i inject these distilled water?

If we let it go after test the printer head, the printer head lifetime will be shorted soon.

So, after inject distilled water, we need do something before packing it.

Find some nozzle moisturizing liquid (you can ask your supplier for this, it is different from the cleaner liquid), use another syringe inject some liquid into these nozzles, which can help your printer head be longer lifetime when it is packing.