Murals wall printer that can print on the wall directly based on the pigment ink and uv ink. It always application on the School wall, gymnasium wall, Theme restaurants, Community culture wall and Rural cultural wall. Do you know what’s the difference between pigment ink and uv ink?

wall floor printer

wall floor printer

Pigment ink:

  1. Just special for printing on the normal white paint wall or the putty wall;
  2. With CMYK 4 color;
  3. Need about half hour for drying;
  4. It can work with normal wall printer, no need the special LED UV Lamp;
  5. The printer head will have longer lifetime;


UV ink

  1. There are CMYKW 5 color, so normally speaking, it can print on the dark wall;
  2. UV ink need work with UV lamp, your printer should have the uv system, then it can dry at once;
  3. UV ink can print on different materials, such as the metal wall, glass, pvc, acrylic, wood, ceramic wall and so on.
  4. It can print with embossment effect.
  5. It is easy to block the nozzles if we work outdoor under the sunshine (some people work in night);
wall printer machine

wall printer machine