After your uv printer/ dtg printer has been used for several months, it is normal for users to begin running into quality issues. This can include streaking, fading, or even missing text on your prints, and it can often be the result of the clogged nozzles.

Why the printer head is too easy to be blocked?

Most of the Epson print head with size about 5cm*4cm, but there are thousands nozzles in such a small printhead. If your printer do not work for several days, and there is no protection system for the head, the ink will be easy to be dried and clogged.

how to clean the nozzles

how to clean the nozzles

How to clean the nozzles by the cleaning liquid?

Most printer has the auto cleaning system, you can choose the “clean” option and the printer pump will clean it automatically.

But if the nozzles are clogged seriously, it will be very difficult to clean well by the automatic function. So, you will need the cleaning liquid to clean the it manually.

  1. Adjust the platform to put a cup just under the printer head, then off the printer and pull out the power cable.
  2. Use tissue cover the printer cable port in case liquid drop here, then push the printer head to the cup.
  3. Remove the ink damper, use the empty syringe pull out the ink in head.
  4. Fill the syringe with cleaning liquid, and push slowly to clean the head. Too much pressure will damage the head. Each color has 180 nozzles, so liquid will drop like shower.
  5. Clean the head surface, push back the head and start the printer to do the ink pump and auto-cleaning, then test.

Demo video as below,