What’s the 3d vertical wall mural printer machine price in India in Pakistan inNepal in Uk in China?

What is the 3d vertical wall mural printer machine?

Vertical wall printer is the inkjet printer that can direct to print design on the wall surface. Quickly paint wall murals on any wall – indoors, outdoors, any surface, high resolution up to 2880 dpi, unlimited height, unlimited width, print speeds up to 850 square feet per hour for perfectly painted wall art, text, signage, and murals. The Wall Printer is equipped with an ultrasonic sensor that detects the texture of the wall and can automatically adjust the machine to draw any graphic and/or photo with 3D effects, even when the surface isn’t perfectly flat.

antprint wall printer

antprint wall printer

Why The Wall Printer?

  • Highest Profits, Lowest Cost to operate
  • Exclusive Territories to build your business – no competition
  • Customer marketing to build your business quickly
  • Easy setup and reliability – commercial quality equipment
  • Free Training and unlimited technical support
  • The only US/China based vertical printing business with availability of parts, inks, accessories
  • Fast printing indoors or outdoors
  • Prints effortlessly and accurately on any vertical surface
  • Uses highly pigmented, durable, and eco-friendly water based and UV inks
  • Unlimited image printing height, unlimited mural image width
  • 15 patented technologies

Application Fields of wall printer machine:

wall printer

wall printer

1. Applicable materials:
The wall printer price is widely suitable for interior and exterior walls, putty powder wall, latex paint wall, white wall, imitation porcelain wall, diatom mud wall, canvas, tiles, glass, rice paper, wall clothing, color coated glaze, shell powder, color paint and so on.

2. Applicable industries:
The wall UV printer is widely used in home decoration, advertising industry, cultural and educational industry, government propaganda, hotel decoration, art experience museum, etc.

What Does The Wall Printer Opportunity Cost?

1 set wall printer price is about 4000 dollars to 8000 dollars. 1 liter ink can print about 100 SQ.M. One liter ink price is $40 per liter, so the ink cost is $0.4 per SQ.M. So the ink cost is very low.

The price of the wall printer in india in Uk in Pakistan in China?

Different country wall printer has different price, for example, in China, Wall printer with double heads Epson TX800 printer price is around $4000-$4980 dollars; UV wall printer with Epson Dx7 printer head price is around $4800-$5680, wall printer printing machine with epson industry speed head 4720 head price is around $5600-$6680 dollars per set.  For the details depends on the details situation in different country (You will need add the sea shipping cost, the customs fee etc. )

Sent inquiry to us if you are interested in the wall printer price list, we will reply you within 1 hour !  If you need, we also can help you test samples printing for free!

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