History about the Epson 4720 print head:

Epson 4720 print head was known as EPS 3200 printer, first appeared at the Shanghai International Advertising Exhibition on March 29, 2018 in China.

epson4720 print head

Main parameters epson 4720 print head

Nozzles Eight rows of nozzles, 400 holes per row
3200 nozzles totally
Print head width available width 1.3″
Speed the max printing speed up to 3-PASS
Single head speed up to 30m²/h
Print head Interface Less than 5113 Nozzle Interface
Accuracy TFP thin film piezoelectric technology, 2.5PL variable point. Accuracy of 3200 DPI up to HD digital photo level

Epson 4720 print head features

1. The number of nozzles:

Epson 4720 nozzle has four pairs of 8 rows of nozzles, single row of 400 holes, the entire nozzle has a total of 3200 orifices, than the only 1440 orifice Epson five generations of nozzles, a lot more, the same as the Epson 5113 nozzle many.

  • The effective width of the 4720 print head is 1.3 inches, which is at least 30% wider than the Epson’s previous five-generation head and seven-generation head; it is as wide as the Epson 5113.
  • Efficacy: The printing speed is more than twice that of the XP600, and the speed is unmatched. 3PASS high-speed printing can be realized, the printing speed of single-nozzle machine can reach 30 square / hour; the printing speed is comparable to that of 5113, and it has the basis of large-scale use on digital printing machine. The faster the speed, the more value it creates, saving more manpower and material resources for the user. The nozzle has an important guiding role for the rapid development of the printing industry.

2. Higher precision.

Epson 4720 nozzle uses TFP film piezoelectric technology, 2.5PL variable point, using technology to restore true color, the precision is unparalleled. (Note: PL is slightly liter, capacity measurement unit, equivalent to “10 minus 15 times” cubic meters, that is, 1000 cubic microns.) The minimum ink droplet 2.5PL, the output picture is more delicate and perfect, reaching the high-definition digital photo level 3200dpi accuracy.

Corrosion-resistant print head epson4720

A full-faced versatile. Compared to the epson5113 print head, which can only use disperse ink and paint ink, the epson4720 is a corrosion-resistant nozzle that is fully compatible with all types of inks on the market. It is cost-effective, powerful, and has a wide range of applications. It is suitable for water, oil, solvent, uv ink. Coatings, sublimation, etc., basically the current ink on the market, is a multi-purpose nozzle, not only can be used in digital printing machines, but also widely used in UV printers. The prospects for use are limitless.

  • 3.1 This nozzle is very good in the field of UV printing. As we all know, UV ink is very picky for the nozzle, and the Epson 4720 print head not only meets the needs of UV printing, but also has extraordinary printing results. The sculptural feeling of washing, the bumpy feel at your fingertips, and the 3D effect are perfectly presented.
  • 3.2 This nozzle is compatible with paint, sublimation, and the speed and accuracy are comparable to the epson5113 print head. Can be widely used in the field of digital printing, and has a good performance.

Advanced back surface

Epson 4720 print head has improved back surface than epson5113 head, easy to use external ink cartridge

Other information

The interface of the epson4720 print head is not used with the 5113 head, there are two needles (14 pins) are missing.