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Can the UV flatbed printer print design on cylinder products with 360 degree around?

UV printer is also called UV flatbed printer. As it is “Flatbed” printer, does it can print on cylinder products? If it can print with 360 degree around?

If someone asked this question five years ago, the answer must be no, because at that time the tablet printer was really limited to printing the “flat” product surface. But in recent years, with the increasing market demand and the manufacturer’s unwilling efforts, now people can easily achieve cylinder printing – yes, you must have a good cylindrical fixture. With the help of a cylinder, the printer can rotate a full-frame image in 360-degree rotation, no longer limited to printing a small LOGO on the surface of a cylinder.

How about  the effect of a cylindrical UV printer printing a cylinder?
If you want to print a cylinder with a UV printer, then I would definitely recommend buying a UV flatbed printer with a native board.

We all know that the UV-modified machine of the Epson 1390 nozzle has a relatively weak ink-removing capability, and the printing distance needs to be controlled at about 2 mm. Because the surface of the nozzle is relatively wide, and the surface of the two cylinders has a certain arc surface, it will cause a certain height difference. Therefore, the effect of the Epsh 1390 cylinder printer is inevitably satisfactory, and his definition is often difficult to meet the market demand.

Why does the new board uv printer can print with good quality on cylinder?

First of all, because the UV printer of the independent board has a very strong ink rinsing ability, the inkjet distance can be controlled to be about 5 mm, which is much higher than 2 mm of the 1390 UV printer. Secondly, since the independent board printer can control the nozzle nozzle output to a minimum of 1/4, it is ensured that the surface of the nozzle portion of the ink jet portion is kept at the closest distance from the highest point of the cylindrical arc surface. Therefore, the printing resolution of the independent board UV printer is much higher than that of the Epson conversion machine.

How to find the printing position?

If you have a friend who has operated the Epson 1390UV printer, you may know that when the 1390UV printer prints a cylinder, printing is very inconvenient to locate. The first is that the left and right positioning is inconvenient, and the second is that the front and rear positions are not well positioned, which is understandable.

But since the self-issued card printer came out, this problem no longer has to worry about. Because the origin position of the independent board is very easy to locate on the platform, it is not possible that the origin is not on the platform like the modified machine, so the problem of positioning left and right is solved. Secondly, the positioning of the front and rear positions is also very well solved, because the independent board cylinder UV printer can select the starting position of the printing at the printing software end, and just adjust the front and rear position of the platform when printing the cylinder (to make the cylinder move in the nozzle Below), just click on the print.

What are the applications of cylindrical printers?

Common applications of UV printers include: high-definition cup printers, vacuum cup uv printers, large candle cylinder printing, mini-audio UV printing in video, red wine bottles, white bottle printing, etc.

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