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AP-A3UVDX double heads flatbed uv t-shirt printer
  • Double print heads with 12 color;
  • Double printing speed for dark materials;

Double heads AP-A3UVDX looks the similar with the single head t-shirt printer AP-A3UVX. The difference is AP-A3UVDX has two printer heads, double LED UV lamps, two set clean units. The biggest advantages of the double heads UV printer / t-shirt printer is the printing speed: As it has one special print head for textile white ink /UV white ink, the printing speed is more 2 times than AP-A3UVX for printing on dark materials.

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Double xp600 print heads 12 color AP-A3UVDX digital t-shirt dtg printer fast speed A3 plus LED UV gloss oil printing  UV flatbed printer machine

Features of the double print heads AP-A3UVDX

  1. Double epson xp600 print heads, improve the printing speed obviously;
  2. Can use for printing with glass oil when you add UV ink for your printer;
  3. Both for t-shirt and UV printing business item;
  4. Good at printing on the human face;
  5. Improve the performance for cylinder printing;
  6. The max printing distance can up to 5mm, not only for 3mm;
  7. A3 plus size with 33*60cm;

>>Demo Video for tshirt (dark and white t-shirt)

>>Demo Video for phone case 

>>Demo Video for acrylic

Machine parameters

Printer model AP-A3UVDX
Printing Technology Double Printer heads advanced Micro Piezo 12 color pigment inkjet technology
Ink colors (12 colors) Model 1:

Head No.1 Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, white, white

Head No.2:  white + white + white + white + white + white

Model 2:

Head No.1 Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, light Cyan, light magenta

Head No.2:  white + white + white + white + white + white

Model 3:

Head No.1 Cyan, magenta, yellow, black, gloss oil, gloss oil

Head No.2:  white + white + white + white + white + white

Max Printing speed 8 pass, 70s/A4 full size
Print  head XP600
Max resolution 16 pass
transmit data Gigabit net
Max Printing Size A3 (330mm×600mm)
Max thickness 200 MM
Printer head Protection Intelligent Self Protect System
Ink system Continue ink supply system with damper cartridge
Ink bottle 8 set Ink Tanks with 500ml or 250ml per bottle
Height adjustment Automation
Ink consumption 10 ML/SQM
Voltage/ Power VAC220/110 ± 10 ,50HZ~60HZ,Power ≤ 35W
UV lamp power 50 W + 50 W
UV lamp Temperature 60 degree(UV lamp surface)40 degree (1cm far from lamp surface)
Working environment 10-35 degrees (50°-95°F), humidity 20~80%
Head Cleaning method Automatic / Manual
Printer/packing size 77cm×72cm×60cm / 87*82*76cm
Net /Gross weight 49kg / 75kg
Printing Software Special printing software
Computer system Windows system, Gigabit net,network adapter contain below character: Gigabit、GBE、10/100/1000M、RTL8169
Ink Type Textile Ink/ Edible ink / UV ink
Language English, Chinese
Special Remarks Customized service is available
Standard Enclosure Software 1 set, power line 1 set, Network line 1set, guidebook 1 set
Application Tshirt / phone case / ABS plastic / acylic / metal / glass / ceramic

Detail display

AP-A3DX double clean unit

AP-A3DX double clean unit

AP-A3DX double heads

AP-A3DX double heads

AP-A3DX double uv lamps

AP-A3DX double uv lamps

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