Top 1 automatic cold transfer film cutting machine work partner for uv dtf printer

UV dtf printer film

UV DTF Printer is a new machine that can print on the film directly, then you can transfer stick on any products directly.

It has the same uv ink with uv printer, it is the same with uv printer except the suction platform.

So we know, the uv dtf printer was develop from the uv printer after we add suction system.

Of course, if you install two or three printer head for your machine, it can print with nice oil varnish effect, and the sticker quality will be much better as well.

uv dtf printer A3pro

uv dtf printer A3pro

Film cutting solution for the uv dtf printer

We always need to cut the film after printing, then stick on the products. Maybe it is not a difficult job if you have no printing task everyday.

But if you want to improve efficiency, maybe we need a new machine that can help you cut the film automatically.

Yes, this is the film cutting machine!

  • Cutting automatically;
  • Fast speed;
  • Precise cutting;
film cutting machine

film cutting machine

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