Ant-Print Grenada visiting

Ant-Print Customer Mr.Cristian


Feb 3rd, 2018

Ant-Print Grenada customer Mr.Cristian and his three friend visit us today.

I must say, i am very admire Mr.Cristian for he with the glasses. Because the man with glasses means the Knowledge, rearing and talent.

The fact is, he is a very kind, humorous and professional for our dtg printer ( direct to garment printer ).

For the dtg printer, we have three different models AP-A3-6C, AP-A3-8C and AP-A3-8D.

He is very interested in our best direct to garment printer AP-A3-8D, because he has no Windows computer, and AP-A3-8D can meet his demands.

We installed all of the software into his computer with English language.

Also, as the RIP software RIP9.0.3 is free, this software can help him print on dark t-shirt by only one pass.

So, Mr.Critian is very satisfied with our machine and make one order directly today.

Thanks for his support very much!