antprint customer Mr.Mike from Turkey

antprint customer Mr.Mike from Turkey

AntPrint Customer Mr.Mike From Turkey For The 6090 Cake Food Printer

> Mr.Mike live in Guangzhou city, China for several years, he has two factory in his country, business is doing in China as well. He visit us on Feb.24th 2023. It is a sunny day, and he took his computer ask our technician install all software well directly. What he need the machine is 60*90cm format food printer AP-T9 for printing on the cake. He is young but very professional and kind, of course he is very serious for his business as well.

We had luch time in the local Guangdong style resturant, after that, he went to meet to his brother and back to Guangzhou.

Thanks for his visiting and thanks for his support to our big format cake food printer!

We will welcome to him back to Antprint anytime!