2021 New Arrival Print one pass AcroRIP ver9.0.3 introduction

Purchase UV printer / T-shirt Printer /Food Printer, get this software for free.

  1. One pass white and color, no need print two pass for dark t-shrit/products.
  2. White layer decrease
  3. Language: English, Korea, Chinese, Japanese
  4. Control the nozzle quantity while it is printing. So, it can print on cylinder with better quality than AcroRIP 8.12.
  5. Complete software for direct printing on fabrics, light and dark Being able to print with the white color at the same time.
  6. Total control of the ink channels of the printer, including the white paint For dark fabrics

Application Video for t-shirt printer: https://www.ant-print.com/dark-1

Application Video For UV printer: https://www.ant-print.com/dark-2/ 

Installation Videohttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vtMkKID3Rv0

Click For Downloading the AcroRIP Ver9.0.3 installation package

It can be workable with the following models of printers.

-stylus photo 1290        -stylus photo 1390/1400

-stylus photo R230        -stylus photo R290

-stylus photo L800        -stylus photo R1800

-stylus photo R1900        -stylus photo R2000

-stylus photo R2100        -stylus photo R2400

-stylus photo R2880        -stylus photo R3000

-sure color SC-P600        -sure color SC-P800

-stylus Pro 3880/3885        -stylus Pro 3880/3885(A)

-stylus Pro 4800              -stylus Pro 4880/4890

-stylus Pro 4880/4890(A)       -stylus Pro 7600

-stylus Pro 7800/7890          -stylus Pro 7800/7890(A)

Support four languages

Support 22 types of models

Support white & color together

White layer decrease

Choose the nozzle quantity

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