【Ant-Print Customer】Grenada-Mr.Cristian and his friends

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Ant-Print Customer Mr.Cristian Grenada Feb 3rd, 2018 Ant-Print Grenada customer Mr.Cristian and his three friend visit us today. I must say, i am very admire Mr.Cristian for he with the glasses. Because the man with glasses means the Knowledge, rearing and talent. The fact is, he is a very kind, humorous and professional for our dtg [...]

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【Ant-Print Customer】Pakistan-Mr.Gulrat and Mr.Mark

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Ant-Print Customers Mr.Gulrat Mr.Gulrat and Mr.Mark          August 3rd, 2017 He come from Pakistan but stay in Hongkong for more than 20 years. Yes, it is him Mr.Gulrat who will be a half Chinese man! They want to get one food printer to show to his customers on the [...]

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【Ant-Print Customer】India-Mr.Anit and Mr.Ashit

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food printer_Ant-Print Mr.Anit and Mr.Ashit          June 26th, 2017 We made one invitation letter for Mr.Anit and Mr.Ashit before they they visit our factory. They are interested in the food printer for printing on coffee, macaron, chocolate and cake. After the food printer testing for the milk-tea, coffee [...]

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【Ant-Print Customer】Mr.Sayed Zaman visiting

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April 24th, 2017. Today is   Mr. Sayed Zaman visit our company, he is come from Bangladesh. He is very interested in our small size A4 UV printer, we printed some phone case, cards samples for him. Final, we had lunch time together: yes, our lunch just the noodles, you know it is [...]

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【Ant-Print Customer】USA-Mr.Evan visit us

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March 3rd, 2017 Today Our customers Evan and his business partner visit us from USA. He is interested in our A3 size UV printer for printing on the metal. Our sample printing technician printed some metal and steel samples for him. Two days later, he back to USA from Shenzhen and looking forward [...]

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