Inkjet Printing Technology and Products Market Situation

As far back as the 70’s last century when the rise of the modern ceramic industry in China, the flat screen printing become very popular. Screen printing is a kind of porous printing, with flat printing, letterpress, gravure, together known as the most famous four printing method. Screen printing is an internationally recognized a great invention of China, as far more than 2000 years history. However, the mechanization of our automated screen printing equipment for ceramic tiles, it was first imported from Italy. To last century 80’s, this flat screen printing machine quickly realized the localization, Mega, Hope, Wei Sheng and some other companies came into being automatic printing machine, flat screen printing followed to universal access.

Screen printing is a flat printing, can not be achieved on uneven tile surface making printing, it is difficult to achieve multi-surface, three-dimensional effect.
Roller Printing Times

Roller printing led to the second revolution of ceramic tile printing technology. It is reported that as early as the last mid-century, Italian West Fire Company invented the ceramic roller printing technology and well received rave reviews, this first rotary printing technology in many countries and regions have applied for patent protection and obtain patents in China in 1999. Roller screen printing machine has rubber roller and screen roller. In the early years the screen roller has been widely used in Italy, but our country is basically introduction the upgraded version of rubber roller. Now this roller printing equipment has been used by many enterprises, from rare to common is about 10 years.

Compared with the screen printing, roller printing is a flexible printing, the breakthrough can be print uneven surface to making the surface-level of tile more rich and more imitative of nature.


Inkjet Printing Times

Traditional printing always inseparable from the pressure transfer printing, must making plate, so required materials, cost and time. For simple, rapid, low cost considerations, it was more develop to the non-version, no pressure inkjet printing.

Last year, the biggest highlights of Italian ceramic exhibition is there is  large numbers of inkjet printing products, the Secretary-General of Foshan,Yin Hong was said the inkjet printing decorative will become to the new focal point of the ceramic development. Now, as people’s expectations, the ceramic tile design Kingdom’s high-tech is being gradually accepted by many ceramic tile producing countries, and present a popular trend.

This technology is produced by mold with concave and convex surface of the green bodies, and then ink-jet printing.Inkjet printing has changed the traditional contact pressure print, to achieve is not in contact with the tile surface “volley” printing.This technology not only bump printing surface, slope barrier, but not limited to repeated trapping of local texture, making films with different film texture, texture changes in a richer, better simulation results.Computer-controlled ink-jet printing “volley” operation method, can achieve multi-angle, high-density glazing, fully rendered three-dimensional manufacturing surface tile design effect of making patterns on the tiles like a photo of the United States.And inkjet printing technology was also related to dry-pressed powder technology.