All of the UV ink, eco-solvent ink, textile ink and edible ink are use for the flatbed printer / UV flatbed printer.

Flatbed Printer developed from the year of 2001 in China, as the flatbed printer is called multifunction flatbed printer as well. UV flatbed printer is a kind of flatbed printer also, just it added the UV systems.

As the multifunction flatbed printer can print any pictures on nearly any materials (except the rubber), such as fabrics, metal, wood, glass, pvc, pu, plastic and so on . Yes, the flatbed printer can print on many different materials based on the different ink ( UV ink, eco-solvent ink, textile ink and edible ink)

Yes, different ink has different function. For example,

  1. UV ink: UV ink is used for the special UV flatbed printer, it can print nearly any materials except fabrics and food. There will be chemical reaction when the LED Light face the special UV ink; Most business man us the UV ink use for printing on phone case, PVC Cards, CD, Golf ball, wood board, glass, plastic, metal and so on.
  2. Textile ink: when you print on your fabrics ( such as t-shirt), you will need this special textile ink. Also, you not only can print on your tshirt, but also the socks, leather, shoes, hats and so on.
  3. Eco-solvent ink: Eco-solvent ink is a little similar to the UV ink, cause the eco-solvent ink use for many different materials except the fabrics and food.

PS: When you use the UV ink to print on your products, you can print directly; however, when you use the eco-solvent ink to print on your products, you need spray coating first, and then print eco-solvent ink. That is the most difference between  UV ink and eco-solvent ink.

     4. Edible ink: Edible ink is a special ink the use for printing on food, such as cake, chocolate and cookies.

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