Multifunction Flatbed Printer Adapter

There are several adapter that is use for multifunction flatbed printer or UV flatbed printer/Food digital printer. For example, t-shirt adapter, phone case adapter, PVC Cards adapter, golf ball adapter, CD adapter and etc.

Function of the adapter:

  • As the adapter can help you to fix your products on the printer platform.
  • You do not need to find the printing position when you print, so you can put your products on your adapter directly and the print directly.
  • You can print several products based on the adapter.

Different adapters:

  • T-shirt adapter,
  • Phone case adapter,
  • PVC Card adapter,
  • cake/chocolate/cookies/candy/macaron adapter,
  • candle adapter and so on.

Design according to your products size:

  • We can help you design the different adapter for you according to your products’ size.