Brief introduction of RIP

As the RIP Software comes From South Korea, it is good partner of flatbed printer.

Function of the RIP software:

  1. Control the ink output path,when it output white ink or print with double four-color;
  2. Adjust the color, make the printed image become more vivid, which will help the printed-image looks the same with the original image;
  3. x & y axis (coordinate), which matches the printing platform to get accurate setpoint.
  4. Adjust the ink limit, so it can save ink, special for white ink;
  5. Print with embossment;

Language of the RIP Software: Korean, English and Chinese

Ink System Support:  C.M.Y.K,  Double C.M.Y.K,  C.M.Y.K.W.W,  C.M.Y.K.W.W.W.W

Work with computer systems: As now what we use the software is the version of RIP 8.1, so it will accept the computer system Windows 98 / Me /vista/ 2000 / 07/09/XP/M/NT, also windows 8, Windows 10 and MAC OS, Linux.