(Ant-Print Information) The application of UV flatbed printer become more and more popular in the market of digital inkjet printing, and the supplier become more and more as well, but the UV printer just start on the road of the personalized market, just like the morning sun and contain huge business opportunities and market demand!

1) UV flatbed printer application on the personalized gift market. You must know, there are many gift company and market demand on your country, it will become more and more popular that people want to receive the personalized gift when your print your favor pictures or text on your gift.

2) Print directly, no need any typesetting, model, modified, the printer is easy to operate, which can help you reduce much investment cost;

3) UV flatbed printer application on the house decoration and furniture market. Customers can print any style pictures on your ceramic,  modern adornment art, floor board,  furniture.

4) UV flatbed printer application on the  imaging market:more and more people do not like just print their pictures on the photographic paper, they want to print their pictures on the metal, glass, crystal, acrylic, canvas, ceramic such materials. Printing on different materials – that can bring the different feeling to the customers.

5) Professional high quality printing, the max printing resolution up to 5760*1440 dpi, printing precision is very high.

6) UV flatbed printer printer application on the personalized production market. Until now, most young people like to show their own style, they would print some different logo on the digital product. For example, they want to print some different pictures/logo on the rucksack, lighter, makeup mirror, wallet and so on.

7) UV flatbed printer application on the advertisement and label market, for example the punch card, metal VIP cards, Chest tag, authorization card and so on, they need print with colorful & vivid results and UV printer can do that!

8) UV flatbed printer application on the decoration building materials market. More and more people use the UV flatbed printer print on ceramic, wood furniture etc.

9) UV flatbed printer application on the personalized food market. For example, the invitation wedding cards, wine box, chocolate box printing or the wine bottle printing etc.

As those opportunity are very suitable for the person who want to open a shop, opportunity always keep for a short time and if you can catch it, it can help you bring big improvement!

Maybe you just want to get more market in your old field, you can try to some new way to art your products and get more customers, UV flatbed printer still will be your best business partner!