Custom Cell Phone Case UV Flatbed Printer

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Phone case with different brands, covers, Ipad covers etc.

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1) Print directly: UV flatbed printer is good at printing on phone case, the printed pictures will be vivid, scratchproof & waterproof and sunproof, no matter your phone case is Plastic material, ABS covers, TPU cell phone case or PC materials, all of them can print directly.

2) Drying at once: As the UV ink can make chemical reaction with the LED UV light, so it can drying at once, no need wait for drying time;

3) White UV ink is available: As there are white UV ink, so you can print on your dark color phone case.

4)  Print with embossment: you can print with embossment after print some white ink on the surface.

5) Low ink cost: As 1 liter ink can print about 100 SQ.M, you can print about 25000 pcs white phone case (if you do not print with embossment). The ink cost will be about 0.0032 dollars/pcs;

Printed phone case show

Normal plastic / PC phone case material


Phone case printer print on TPU material


Print on phone case with leather material


Print on phone case with transparent background

Print with 3D effect and embossment

Choice of the Cell phone case printing machine

There are A4 size UV phone case printer and A3 size UV phone case printer. A4 UV printer can help you print about 4-6 pcs cell phone case at one time and A3 size UV printer can help you print about 12-14 pcs per time, you can print about 50 cps at one time by the A2 size UV printer.  As the A3 size UV printer , ,there are A3 UV phone case printer with 6 color or with 8 color, they has the difference of the max printing speed.

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