How To Print On Demand & Normal Candles Labels At home | Candle Custom UV Printer

How can your candle STAND OUT among the many candle markets?

Why not make your candle look different?

To solve this problem, all you need is a candle UV printer!

The printing range of UV printers is very wide, including candle printing. Please take a look at this candle printing demo video below

Print On The Normal Square Candle Directly

UV Printer that can print on different materials, such as candle, wood, glass, pvc, ceramic and so on .

For the candle printing, we can print on it directly, no need any pretreatment.

square Candle uv printer

square Candle uv printer

Print On The Circle Candle Around With 360 Degree

Based on the uv printer’s special cylinder adapter, it can print on the circle candles directly. The printed quality is very vivid and clear!

circle candles uv printing

circle candles uv printing

Can i also use the same one candle uv printer for print on the demond candles ?

— Yes of course!

As the uv printer not only can print on the candle directly, but also metal, wood, hard paper, pleastic, pc , acrylic materils. So we can print on the demond candles directly, no matter what materials it is!

circle candles uv printing

circle candles uv printing

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