Guide video suitable for the models as below: 

  • AP-A3UVX
  • AP-T2U
  • AP-T1U
  • AP-T3
  • AP-4290UV
  • AP-6090UV2 or AP-6090UV3
  • AP-T2S

You will learn from this page:

  • How to install your printer;
  • How to operation for printing;

Step 1: Check the machine and connect to the computer

Step 2: Install the printer software and driver

Step 3: Add cooling water and ink print head test printing

Step 4: How To Calibrate The Printing Position

Step 5-1:How TO Print White UV ink

Step 5-2: How to make a spot

Step 5-3: How to print a double sided

Step 5-4:How to print a guide line to the tray

Step 5-5:How to print a picture on the bottle

Step 5-6:How to print a picture on the phone case