— 8 color UV printer is our best hot selling UV printer, 8 color UV printer is our fast printing speed UV printer.

a. 6 color UV printer can be added 6 different ink color, and 8 color UV printer can be added 8 different ink color (However, there only 5 color UV ink with C,M,Y,K,W color).

b. As the 6 color UV printer with the printer head DX5 (R1390) and 8 color with printer head Dx5 (R1900), so the max difference of them is the printing speed: the printing speed of AP-A3UV-8C is near to twice more than AP-A3UV-6C.

c. Both of them have the same appearance, the same max printing size, the same max printing resolution and the same max printing height.

So, if you have much demands to the printing speed, maybe you should choose AP-A3UV-8C. If not, we think AP-A3UV-6C will be the best choice for you!